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Oral and Alicia Anderson Prayer Letter: A Special Day and Multiple Blessings!

Oral and Alicia Anderson Prayer Letter: A Special Day and Multiple Blessings!“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.”
-Proverbs 16:9-

We planned a special day early in December and saw multiple blessings! As we planned our service, we were faced with the challenge of having an evening baptism. This was a matter of concern, since our baptisms are usually done at the seaside. Trekking to the seaside and baptizing in the dark would not have been the best idea, so we were praying and looking for another option.

While we were praying for ideas, God gave us this brilliant one and the resources to do it. As we were out soul winning one day, God directed us to a lady who had a damaged, 600-gallon, plastic water tank. After inquiring about it, she said she wanted to dump it but didn’t have the resources to do it right away—and just like that, with a little God-given creativity, our prayers were answered. We used the tank to build a baptistery and then used it the following evening to baptize the two converts!

During the potluck dinner after the service, as I was going from person to person and greeting them, I spoke to one of our guests, Shanoya. When I asked about her salvation, she told me that she was not saved, but during the service, she was very convicted and wanted to walk forward during the invitation but was too afraid. She went on to ask if she could get saved right then. Alicia shared the Gospel with her, and she accepted Christ as her Saviour! She became the fifth person to accept Christ that night.

Each year at Christmastime, our church gives out boxes of groceries to struggling families. Whatever is donated by our members is what we give. This year, our folks gave so much that we were able to be a blessing to five families in our community. Each box had groceries and Gospel materials. The young people deliver the boxes and sing Christmas songs to the recipients. It is always such a blessing to see how happy it makes them feel receiving these boxes! These gifts usually soften the recipients’ hearts to listen to the Gospel message from us.
We want to let you know how much we appreciate all that you do for us. Many of you remembered us over the Christmas holidays with emails, postcards, and special gifts! Thank you very much!

The Oral Anderson Family

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Being a blessing to the local police department for Christmas

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