One of our goals is to help you communicate effectively with the individuals and churches that support you. To do so, we provide free proofreading, posting, and emailing of your prayer letters and other updates.

Prayer-letter printing options, plus details, suggestions, and prices:

  1. Proofreading of prayer letters/praise reports (provided by FBMI)
  2. Emailing of updates (provided by FBMI)
    • After being proofread, your update will be posted publicly on your web page on the FBMI website. It will then be automatically emailed to all of the subscribers on your email list.
    • We recommend that you work to update this list. To help you with this, each time your email is sent out, we will now be sending you an email with your subscription list included.
    • This service is free to the missionary.
  3. Pre-printed letterhead and envelopes (optional)
    • Pre-printing your letterhead and envelopes allows you to have a prepared, standard, first-class look. In many cases, the letterhead contains a full-color header and footer with your details and some contact information. The envelope can be full-color or black-and-white. It often contains a logo and your address.
    • We recommend using Pulse Print, as they offer professional design services that are specifically for missionaries. They also provide an extensive range of materials and services. Because some services are provided “in house,” they can also save you time and money.
    • For more details on Pulse Print and their prices, please contact us. You can also submit orders through this form.
  4. Printing and mailing of updates (recommended)
    • Prayer letters are typically sent out monthly or bimonthly. They can vary greatly in length and content, ranging from a single-page with black-and-white text to many pages of full-color pictures and explanations. A typical, effective prayer letter is often one page, with text and pictures.
    • Although fewer and fewer of your supporting churches may be requesting mailed letters, you will likely need to send some of these each month. FBMI has a great system available through our Prayer Letter Services. We recommend that you use these services to ensure that your full list receives your updates each time.
    • For a one-page, full-color update in quantities greater than 25, the cost is $1.10 per letter. This includes the printing (the letter on the letterhead and the recipient address on the envelope), the folding and processing, the stamp, and the mailing.