Accountable Plans

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FBMI uses an Accountable Reimbursement Plan to allow missionaries to avoid paying extra taxes on ministry expenses. Here is some information from the IRS about this type of plan: Accountable Plans To be an accountable plan, your employer's [...]

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Reimbursable Ministry Expenses

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Reimbursable Ministry Expenses for FBMI Missionaries Some of these items have specific, associated guidelines and limitations defined by the IRS. This list does not intend to be definitive, but rather a general overview to help the FBMI off [...]

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Missionary Vehicle Options

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The following ministries and businesses offer services related to vehicles for missionaries. Some provide affordable rental or lease options, while others offer vehicles for purchase or mechanical services. Please be aware that, although s [...]

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2022 EOM Report

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Select the link below to download the correct 2022 EOM form. Missionaries still on deputation should not use Box E in the form because they do not yet have a fixed salary. Please complete and email this form to Direct any [...]

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