Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Starting a Work in FoaseSpotlight on Team Ghana’s Church Plants

Starting a Work in Foase: “God has led my wife and me to start a work in Foase just outside of Kumasi. Under the leadership of Dr. Ted Speer, Fundamental Baptist Church International raised funds to purchase a plot of land in Foase for the start of this church. Bro. Lawrence Williams came and held a special service in Foase, and over 200 attended and heard the Gospel. Seven of my converts are currently attending a weekly Bible study with me. Emmanuel Agyapong is a faithful member of FBCI, but he already lives in Foase; I am encouraged that he plans to help in planting a church in Foase.”–Pastor Thomas Asare, Foase, Ghana

A Strong Pentecostal Converted: “A year ago I witnessed to a young woman called Mavis Adu, and she made a profession of faith. Mavis was a strong Pentecostal and very much involved in most of the ministries in her church. She told me she could never come to our church. I did not give up on her; I kept praying and visited her from time to time. Recently, God being so good, Mavis showed up in church, and she has now become a very faithful church member and now is learning to be a soul winner.”–Pastor Richard Buoh, Trede, Ghana

Four Young Men Become Soul Winners: “I went out on visitation on a recent weekday, and I met four young men by the roadside: Kwaku Agbotu, Kwedwo, Samuel, and Kwame. I witnessed to these four young men, and they all made a profession of faith in Christ. After I spoke to them, they asked few questions about my ministry, because they had never heard someone present the Gospel as I did. These men took my phone number, and they came for my Bible studies. They have all started going out soul winning with me. I am very grateful to have such wonderful people to teach.”–Pastor Clemence Agbetepey, Volta Region, Ghana

Dickson’s Family Saved! “Dickson and I have been talking about going to see his family and witnessing to them. They live quite a few miles away. However, just this past week, we were able to go and witness to Dickson’s family. His parents and two brothers listened well and made a profession of faith in Christ. Dickson is so happy. He said to me, ‘Bro. Philip, I have not been able to offer them anything materially all these years, but my soul rejoices today because I have offered them the most precious gift in all the world, and I am extremely happy!’”–Pastor Philip Gafatsi, Volta Region, Ghana

Thank you for your prayers and support for Team Ghana and for our church-planting efforts!