Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Start of a New Bible Club; Families Joining the ChurchDeaf Ministry

Our church is blessed to have a vibrant Deaf Ministry that meets each week. We have just finished our two-day Deaf Ministry program. We had games, food, and a message on Saturday. What a blessing it was to have 7 deaf people trust Christ as their Saviour. We followed up with a big deaf day on Sunday. It was a blessing to see the deaf choir sign a song unto the Lord. We encouraged each one to invite their families for this special day. This is a tremendous opportunity to reach these precious people, as there are not very many programs here in Tanzania for the deaf.


After much work and planning, we have submitted our radio application. Now we just have to wait and pray. This past month has been very busy getting the proper paperwork put together, as well as putting together an extensive proposal for the station. There are three available frequencies in our city, and we are praying that the Tanzanian Regulatory Authority will grant us one of those licenses. Please pray that God would provide the frequency, as well as the final amount of funds needed to finalize the studio construction. So much has been invested into this ministry, and we believe the Lord has great plans for it.

Bible College

Our Bible college is off to a great start. We meet each week for several hours. We have completed six weeks now, and I am encouraged at how well it is going. Our people are thoroughly enjoying it and growing in the knowledge they are receiving.

New Families

It is always a blessing when someone is saved, baptized, and joins the church; but it is especially thrilling to me to watch as a family takes this step together. For three weeks in a row, I had the opportunity to baptize three different couples who had been saved and were ready to make this next step. One of the families has already started coming on Saturday visitation. Please remember these new converts in your prayers.

New Bible Club

Whenever I see the large numbers of children here in Tanzania, I am reminded of Jesus’ words, “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me.” Our church is continually trying to find ways to reach these precious young people. One great tool that we use is our Bible Clubs. We have several Bible Clubs around our city. This week it was my privilege to start yet another one. A couple in our church, Mr. and Mrs. Ludovich, have offered to start and run a Bible Club in their home. It is my prayer that we will see fruit for years to come as a result of this Bible Club.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt