Jerry and Rachel Wyatt III Prayer Letter: God's Blessings AboundTanzanian Stadium Crusade

Thank you for praying for the Tanzanian Stadium Crusade. Although the Devil fought as usual, God blessed, and we were able to have a wonderful crusade. What a blessing it was to see over 3,000 in attendance and 673 trust Christ! We have already called all who filled out cards and encouraged those who attended to come visit our church. Please continue to pray that we will see “fruit that remains” from this outreach. We are especially thankful to Desert Gateway Baptist Church for sending a team and partnering with us for this year’s crusade.

Soccer Sunday

The day following the Stadium Crusade was Soccer Sunday. This has become an annual big day, and this year was exceptional. When I arrived early at the church, there were already dozens of men and boys waiting to get in with their soccer teams. In total, we had 1,624 in attendance that day, with 113 trusting Christ.

Salvation Story

Samuel is part of a tribe called the Maasai. This tribe is known in Eastern Africa for continuing to live in accordance with their traditional ways while the rest of the continent changes to adapt to Western culture. We met a group of Maasai on the side of the road one day and invited them to church. To our surprise, several came along with Samuel. Samuel was so excited about getting his family and friends to church that he invited me to his village to visit his family. Here I was able to meet his brother Lehale and lead him and several other Maasai warriors to the Lord.

Samuel attends our church regularly and often brings new Maasai friends or family with him. Last Sunday, he was instrumental in bringing over 20 Maasai men to church. What an amazing thing it was to see 19 of these Maasai warriors bow their heads and call upon Jesus for salvation.

Although their tribe is still steeped in many of the “traditional” ways of African religion, this set-apart tribe is open to the Gospel, and God has opened an incredible door of opportunity to reach them. Please keep Samuel and his family in your prayers; pray that he will never lose his zeal for reaching his tribe with the Gospel.


We will be back in the States on furlough for the fall of the year. Please pray as we travel and report back to supporting churches. Please pray for the ministry here in Tanzania, as our team of staff, along with the Morrow family, continue in our absence.

New Website

We have recently updated our website. We encourage you to take a minute to see what God is doing in Tanzania through the many photos and videos on our site!

Serving the people of Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt