Warren and Jary Lynn Storm Prayer Letter:  God Hears and Answers!God Hears and Answers

Your prayers mean so much more to us than you know! From Alabama, we started heading home for our first Servants’ Conference at First Baptist Church of Hammond. On Monday morning before leaving the rest area where we stayed Sunday night, March 19, I did my usual pre-trip inspection. One front tire had a metal wire sticking out of it. We had to get a new tire before going any farther. At the next exit, there was a tire company. They said they couldn’t get the new tire until Tuesday. I said, “Where is the tire?” He told me it was in Nashville, 40 minutes back. We took our new utility truck and drove back to pick up the tire. They were able to finish putting the tire on our motor home by 4:00 p.m., just before closing time. We drove straight through and got home at 1:30 early Tuesday morning.

FBC Servants’ Conference

Pastor Wilkerson and First Baptist Church put on the most wonderful Servants’ Conference, with the theme of “ETERNITY in View.” We felt like it was Pastors’ School all over again; we got to see friends we hadn’t seen for a long time. There were so many great speakers and training sessions, and so many decisions were made. A spectacular highlight was the parade of the flags and dress of all the nations of the world, along with the flags of the 50 states of America. For the entire parade, Dr. Tom Vogel, in his U.S. Marines uniform, proudly held high our great flag of the United States of America!

In February and March, God allowed us to travel 1,972 miles, helping 15 churches. We were able to see 5 souls come to Christ. We helped the church bus mechanics fix 22 buses, and we also helped several bus mechanics fix their church buses over the phone.

Reaping the Harvest

It is great going on bus routes again! The bus captain, bus workers, Sunday school teachers, and Junior Church teachers have already laid the groundwork. I just come along and pick the ripe fruit. I had the privilege of witnessing to the dad and mom of a bus kid. They both gladly received Christ as their personal Saviour. The bus kids’ main prayer requests are that their parent(s) get saved or that they would come to church.

When we eat out, we like to ask our waitress if she has a prayer request. We will pray for her request when we pray for our food. Our waitress Briana said, “I need prayer. I am graduating from high school in May. I take care of my mom, and I work a full-time job.” The restaurant was about to close and business was slow, so we were able to encourage Briana and give her the good news of the Gospel in between her duties. She sweetly trusted Christ as her own Saviour, and she was so thankful we led her to Jesus.

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial support. Thank you for your faith in our ministry. If you have any bus questions or problems, feel free to call me at 219-689-0011.

Prayer Requests

(1) Pray for the young men who are becoming missionaries to the Bus Ministry. (2) Pray that we can reach more souls while we can. (3) Pray for the churches to grow their bus ministries and that more churches will start bus ministries. (4) Pray for our health and safety.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm