Warren and Jary Lynn Prayer Letter: 30-Year Anniversary of Keep the Buses RollingGod Called

July 10, 2023, is the 30-year anniversary of “Keep the Buses Rolling.” Years ago, Dr. Jack Hyles encouraged the First Baptist Church congregation to attend the God Save America Rally, which was held at Hyles-Anderson College. He said he wanted the deacons to be there. I closed my auto-repair shop for the rally so that the college-student employees and I could attend it. At that rally, Dr. Bob Gray preached on “Why Win Children,” and God laid it on my heart about helping churches, using my mechanical ability and years of experience in the Bus Ministry. When I shared my burden with Dr. Hyles, he was excited about it, and he liked the idea very much. He said, “And to think, I was there when it started.”

God Answered Prayers: We have been praying for God to call more bus-mechanic missionaries to help the Bus Ministries. In July, our bus-mechanic friend, Marco Hannel, and his wife Lauretta attended the FBMI Missionary Candidate School. God has called Marco to do what we are doing, helping the churches with their Bus Ministries. Marco is a Crown College graduate, as well as a diesel mechanic. We are thanking God for His answer to our prayers! Last Wednesday, August 30, the Hannel family and three other missionary families were installed as new Fundamental Baptist Missions International missionaries. The Hannels are on deputation raising support, and they have helped several churches already. You would be blessed to have them present their ministry at your church. Marco can be reached at 865.202.4387, and his FBMI account number is 218.

Bus Kids Trust Christ: At Calvary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, I went with Bro. Coleman and his son Josiah on his bus route. We had the privilege of seeing seven bus kids trust Jesus as their personal Saviour. God truly blessed! That same week, Josiah and Allen, another teen young man, worked tirelessly beside me as I worked on the buses. They were such a great help, doing the heavy lifting.

We so appreciate your prayers and financial support. As you partner with us, each soul these Bus Ministries are able to bring to Jesus is added to your account. Please continue to pray that more bus mechanics will answer God’s call to help the Bus Ministries, both locally and nationally. Pray that we can encourage the pastors to increase their Bus Ministries. “. . . and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” We thank you again.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm