Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  Recent Baptism and SalvationsThank you for your financial sacrifice and your prayers for us. We are mindful of this and remember you in prayer as well.


Kim is a 13-year-old teen girl who has been coming to our church, along with her cousins, for about one year. She was always shy, and we tried several times to explain salvation to her but did not have success. Just recently after a Sunday evening church service, my wife was able to lead her to a salvation decision. Her family is very protective. Please pray that she will be able to take the next step of baptism.

Chomraen attended a Baptist church for several years as a boy. Although he was not saved, he had a basic understanding of the Gospel. Now in his twenties, he gladly prayed with me for salvation. He belongs to the new generation of Cambodians who have energy, an ability to speak English, and have the potential to be leaders. Please pray that his fiancée will get saved or that he will find another mate.

A Christian man from Pakistan, previously unknown to me, was recently visiting Cambodia. Unexpectedly, we met by God’s appointment in the apartment of another Pakistani family that lives here. He expressed a desire to go with me as I visited some church people. On that day, he helped hold up the pictures I use in soul winning, and two young people received God’s gift of salvation.

It is always an encouragement to our people when they see a baptism. Anthony came to Cambodia from the small island of Reunion and started a bakery business. He was a Christian but was not baptized. We took care of that on a recent Sunday evening after church.


For about six months, I preached at a fellow missionary’s church while he was on furlough. Since they met in the afternoon, it did not interfere with our church. After I had to stop, they decided to join our evening preaching service. This is a group of mature Christians, and I believe their presence has been a real blessing to our members.

For some time, I have been teaching English two mornings a week at a Christian school designed for poor Cambodian children. In addition to teaching, I give a short devotional at chapel time to about 100 students. Although the themes are simple, I believe only eternity will reveal the impact of the Word of God in their lives.


Our children finished another school year by the grace of God. They spent the last month in India with Suni’s family members. Because we can travel to India much more easily than to America, my children have gotten to know Suni’s family well. Joseph and Jerusha have Indian cousins, aunts, and uncles who love them very much.

In addition to the prayer requests already mentioned, please remember:

• The ministries we support in India.
• Our discipleship of men and ladies in Cambodia.
• Our contact with Jewish people in Phnom Penh.


Walter and Suni Poole