Teaching All Nations Prayer Letter:  The Welcome Mat is Out!THE WELCOME MAT IS OUT! Come visit the beautiful offices provided by the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, for Teaching All Nations. We are located on the fourth floor in Room 400 in the Administration Office Building, located at 507 East State Street, Hammond, Indiana.

Come and learn how TAN is now working with missionaries on THREE continents, providing them with FREE Bible institute materials that they can use to train national men to multiply churches and win people to Christ. The first series of lessons is now in print for you to review in Room 400. If you or a missionary you know plans to be in the Northwest Indiana area in the near future, please call our office at 219-671-9451 or 219-288-2893, and set up an appointment to see the display of TAN materials, which are now available. We hope to see you soon!

A very special thanks goes to Bro. Jerry Wyatt, Jr. He and his family have served as missionaries in Tanzania, Africa, for the past 20 years. While he has recently been on furlough in the States, Teaching All Nations borrowed his expertise and asked him to research and write lessons for TAN. He plans to use these lessons in teaching the nationals when he and his family return to Africa. Bro. Wyatt says that Tanzania is wide open to the Gospel right now, and they are eager to return once again to be involved in aggressive evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Please pray for the Wyatt family as they prepare to return to Tanzania on November 24, 2014.

We want to express our thanks also to several missionaries and a group of selected men on the faculty of Hyles-Anderson College who also volunteered to research and write lessons for TAN this past year.

A BIG thank you to Pastor Greg Ogle AND members of Calvary Baptist Church in Canton, Illinois, for your continued monthly financial support for Teaching All Nations. Your financial investment for Teaching All Nations materials has provided Bible college materials FREE of CHARGE to dozens of students in third-world countries. These nationals are learning to be pastors and soul winners in their respective countries. Thank you, Pastor Ogle, for your encouragement and for the advice you have given to the TAN staff. You and your church have made a difference in the beginning of multiplying churches and winning souls around the world.