Robert and Anny Wilson Prayer Letter: The Blessing of Sacrificial Service of Our Church MembersWe invite you to rejoice with us as we share with you the works God has done for us since our last letter. One of our greatest blessings has been the sacrificial service of our church members, resulting in increased attendance and souls saved! We have recently added two new adult Sunday school classes, and we will be dividing our children’s church, since the number of children in our main church has almost tripled! We also have another teen leaving for Bible college in a few weeks. Glory to God!

We have a man named Jonathan in our church who is a real “fireball” and a producer. He has been helping us on the weekends with church work, including preaching in our second church, helping with the routes, teaching an adult Sunday school class, and other activities. I gave him an empty van and challenged him to fill it. He has been filling it indeed—to capacity and beyond! He has also inspired many of our inactive members to help him on his route, which has helped the spirit of our church in general.

During the week, Bro. Jonathan drives for Uber. He witnesses to his passengers and invites them to church. He was recently able to lead a Catholic priest to Christ while giving him a ride in his car. He also led three nuns to Christ. Bro. Jonathan works extra hours to buy more promotions for his route. May God give us more faithful Christians like this!

A young couple, David and Ruth, have also been of much help to our ministry. I have assigned them to help with various tasks, mainly soul winning. Last week, I gave them an empty 12-passenger van and challenged them to fill it. Not only did they fill it, but another member had to help them bring their visitors with his minivan. In all, they came to church with 46 people in the 2 vans, all of whom were people David and Ruth had invited during the week. Amen!

Please continue to pray for more laborers for our ministry. The harvest truly is plenteous. Also pray that more churches will take us on for support. We have been in Mexico for 20 years, and our support has waned substantially. God is using us here, and our ministry will suffer if we leave it to travel to raise funds.

We also plead prayer for another church vehicle. I have been bringing as many as 30 people in my 18-passenger Ford Transit van, most of whom are adults. All of our vans come to church “packed and jammed.” We also double-run our routes for our second church. There are many other areas where we would like to start routes, and the people here respond very good to our van ministry. We are trying to raise $18,000 for a 4-cylinder vehicle to make visits, to run errands, and to start another route. We only own vans, so you can imagine our gas expenses. We are praying for you.

In His service,

Robert Wilson