Phil and Tanya Powless Prayer Letter: Getting "Back on Track" After COVID!Though I have delayed sending a newsletter recently, we are rejoicing in the ability to get back on track in numerous areas of service and outreach, as the pandemic mandates have finally been loosening up here in Canada! It has been a blessing to see stronger attendances in our church services once again, with many new visitors and people who have been coming and are being reached and added to the work of the Lord here!

This evening we were blessed to have Stanley, a man who has just been coming to our church for a couple of weeks now, join us for soul winning for the first time. He himself just got saved and baptized Sunday evening, July 3, and tonight he was going out sharing Gospel tracts with others! Praise the Lord!

Another wonderful recent blessing was the salvation of the sister of one of our men named Wolf. I have written about Wolf and Anastasia in past newsletters, as they have been a wonderful testimony of growing in the Lord over the last ten months or so. They both were saved and baptized back in the fall. Then they got married in December to correct their wrong of living together and have become faithful, growing Christians.They are praying for many lost loved ones to be saved, and just recently at the end of May, Wolf’s sister Alexxa trusted Christ as her Saviour! Though she lives about an hour away from our city, they travelled over on Sunday, June 12, to attend church with us, and Alexxa sweetly professed her faith in Jesus Christ and obeyed the Lord in believer’s baptism.

Another wonderful blessing just recently was the opportunity to once again conduct our annual Soul-Winning Conference! After a two-year hiatus due to COVID mandates, we were once again able to conduct what would be our 24th Annual Soul-Winning Conference. The theme was “Back on Track,” and we held sessions of preaching and teaching on various subjects, including “Back on Track in the Simplicity of the Gospel,” “Back on Track in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit,” “Back on Track in Church-Wide Soul Winning,” “Back on Track In Personal Soul Winning,” etc. A highlight of the meeting was a Tuesday afternoon period of about an hour and a half where approximately 40 or so soul winners went out sharing the Gospel with others. Two were saved in that period of soul winning!

Praise the Lord! We also just finished up our Spring Program, “Growing in the Lord,” during the months of May and June! I believe the Lord allowed many good evidences to be seen of people catching hold of truths taught and emphasized and putting them into practice in their lives, as they made decisions and practiced involvement in “Growing in the Lord.”

Thank you for your continued investments of prayer and support, which allow us to continue to serve and grow in the Lord here in London, Ontario, Canada! God bless you all!

The Phil Powless Family
Galatians 6:9