Peter Morris Prayer Letter: Settling In--But Not Without ChallengesSalamu kutoka Kenya na Afrika ya Mashariki. Asante sana kwa msaada wako. Tumeshaanza sasa kufanya kazi wa Mungu wetu na Kristo Mkombozi wetu katika Kenya, Africa ya Mashariki.

“Greetings from Kenya, East Africa. Thank you very much for your support. We have now commenced the work of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ in the country of Kenya, East Africa.”

I would like to personally thank you for your prayers and financial support, which have allowed us to be in Kenya now doing the Lord’s work. It was quite a trip getting here, as you may remember from our last prayer letter. Apart from all the issues we had before we left the U.S., we arrived to find that we had 12 totes missing and accommodations were 30% more expensive than when we were here last. We had real estate agents asking for three months’ rent up front, plus a month’s security deposit. On the other hand, we had friends and advisors telling us we needed secure accommodations due to the threat of breaking and entering, abduction, carjacking, etc. All this to say, God is good, and He allowed us to negotiate a secure apartment, in a great location only 20 minutes from a town, in a low-income area where we are working with one of our local pastors to help build his church, and at a reasonable rent compared to many other places.

As you may have gathered from my introduction, we have started Swahili lessons, which is proving to be a challenge, but I believe a worthwhile one, which will enable us to identify with the people of Kenya more effectively. For three hours every morning, we are taught by a Kenyan national, and then in the afternoons, we do whatever is necessary to set the foundations in place for the ministry. We are working with a national pastor in a low-income area of Nairobi to position his church in the local area as the soul-winning church that teaches correct doctrine and is growing and reaching out to the local community. I am currently teaching for four weeks on “How to Lead a Person to Christ.” We will then have our first program that will cater to their socioeconomic standard of living and strive to give them a purpose for every Christian and for the church to move forward in unity to build their work both in number and in grace. We are also addressing their concept of music, which is somewhat difficult, being they are coming from an African culture. They certainly appear to be willing to do things right, which is encouraging. We are excited for them as they see the introduction of new things. It is a blessing to work with this young pastor to help him build a self-sustaining work. Please pray for this pastor, whom I will not mention by name for security reasons.

Soul winning has been a blessing, with many opportunities to lead people to Christ. One of the more memorable has been a Muslim man, whom we had the blessing of leading to the Lord and baptizing. He introduced us to two other converted Muslims and is wanting us to visit a local school. I believe the Lord is working to start a ministry through these men. Praise the Lord! I do apologize for taking so long to get this email out to you, but I had to rewrite my initial prayer letter due to having included too many details, which may have put him and his family at risk due to the persecution converted Muslims face. I also got to baptize a Hindu woman, who is also being persecuted by her family for her faith in Jesus Christ. It truly is difficult to appreciate the fear and pain these Christians go through for their faith in our Saviour. It is extremely encouraging. We have a wonderful God.

Next week we head for the more remote areas of Kenya to meet with national pastors, whom we have known for a long time, to re-establish our working relationships. They have been contacting us since our arrival to visit, but there is much to be
done, and it needs to be addressed in a well-organized, orderly fashion. I am excited about what the future holds, albeit with plenty of challenges.

Please pray:

1. For safety for our team and family members. Driving here is very dangerous, and the traffic jams are horrendous, making everything take twice as long as it should.
2. That our health is maintained. We have all had some kind of stomach issues, although it appears that things are settling down now.
3. That the Lord will bless our finances. Prices are equivalent to, if not more expensive than, those in the USA.
4. That the Lord will raise up men of integrity, who are sold out for the Lord, to labor with us in the ministry across the country.
5. That the Lord will give us knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Your missionaries and co-labourers in Jesus Christ,

Mchungaji Peter, Mama Melody, na Mtoto Lindsay Morris