Peter Morris Prayer Letter:  Pushing Even Harder as We Approach DepartureI hope that you, your families, and your ministry are well in the Lord. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank many of you for your ongoing support, both financially and prayerfully, over the years. We are excited to be partnering with you as we endeavor to take the Gospel to the people of Kenya and the neighboring countries of East Africa.

The Lord particularly blessed me on my last trip to Kenya in February, where I had the pleasure to lead just over 60 people to the Lord in a two-week period when that really wasn’t my first objective for the trip. They came from all walks of life, ranging from students to taxi drivers. I traveled across the country meeting with national pastors, some of whom I have worked with for more than 20 years. It is so different from the USA and Australia, where I am a citizen. The people truly appear to be more aware of their need for the true doctrine of God’s Word (King James Bible), the surety of their sins being forgiven, to have Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and to have a home in Heaven when they die. I am excited to be moving our family to Kenya this year, as this will allow us to work even more closely with these national pastors as they take the Gospel to their own people.

I was blessed this trip with meeting another local pastor who was referred to me by a supporting pastor in the USA. I will now work with him to ensure he is teaching correct doctrine, introduce him to other fundamental Baptist pastors who can encourage and teach him, and work with him to build his church, Lord willing. I look forward to spending more time with him while I am in Kenya this May teaching on soul winning, leading Muslims to Christ, and music. He has a church in Nairobi that is in a low-income, densely populated area bordering on the slums. He has a professional background but believes God has called him to full-time ministry in a low- income area similar to the conditions under which he was brought up.

As we approach our departure for Kenya, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are in a spiritual battle. Issues arrive in all sorts of areas, including finance, relationships, government regulations, housing, health, etc. This last trip was the first time for me to have a somewhat serious motor-vehicle accident, where we ran into the back of a mutatu (local minibus). No one was hurt, but it happened after dark; threats were made to call the police and maybe impound our vehicle. It took time to sort out, which I really didn’t have. Everything went smoothly after I paid to replace their rear door. Praise the Lord!

We praise the Lord that the pastors we work with are on track, and their churches are growing and becoming better organized. Soul winning and discipleship are becoming an increasing priority, and they continue to show a burden to take the Gospel to other places in Kenya. Once we are in Kenya, we will expand that vision to Tanzania, Uganda, and later to Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Please pray for:

• Our finances as we make a strong push for extra meetings before we depart for Kenya to take up residence.
• Our health and safety as we travel. Under the advice of my contacts in Kenya and based on the experience of past elections, we have decided to wait until after the Kenyan elections before we move our families to their new country of residence.
• God to raise up men of integrity and influence to pastor and work with us across East Africa.
• God to give us much fruit for our labor and for your investment, whether financial or spiritual.

Please pray for us as we pray for you. God bless you.

Your co-laborers in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionaries to Kenya, East Africa