Peter and Melody Morris Prayer Letter: We Are Truly ThankfulGreetings from the Morris family in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. A week ago, a group of missionaries here in Nairobi got together and celebrated that special time of the year we call “Thanksgiving.” I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done through our family and ministry during our time here in Kenya.

This year our family has been used by the Lord in a number of areas. Melody continues at Thika Road Baptist Church School, training teachers to teach and help those children who have dyslexia and reading challenges. This school has now become licensed as a training centre, and only the Lord knows where this could lead.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel upcountry on a number of occasions to train pastors in the practical aspects of what is necessary to be a pastor, such as soul winning and follow-up, organizing an independent Baptist church, correct doctrine, etc. It has, however, proven physically demanding and expensive to be away teaching for two weeks at a time for what amounts to six months of the year. It has become apparent that these pastors simply do not have enough money to spend much time away from the families they need to feed and provide for on a daily basis. I am persisting with teaching tithing so they, as well as their church, can be blessed and be self-sufficient in the daily needs of the ministry, but it is proving a difficult issue, as they see themselves as poor and unable.

In December, we are bringing Kenyan pastors to Nairobi to continue the PPTA. It is about the same cost if the accommodation is free. We have a local college/school that has kindly given us the use of their premises, including classrooms and bathroom facilities, for December. We bring our own mattresses and blankets and, of course, all of our own teaching materials. We are praying to have 20-plus in attendance, but sometimes fares to Nairobi can be a challenge for them. This will be the start of a 16-month course, culminating hopefully in the organization of independent Baptist churches with well-trained pastors.

I am praying that in 16 months, there will be pastors who have completed the PPTA and are looking for assistance to build a permanent church building with the help of Christians in the U.S. It is very difficult for an independent church here in rural Kenya to raise sufficient funds to build a permanent building; they usually build a temporary mud building due to their impoverished state. They often live off the land and earn less than $800 per year.

Recently, I had a new lady join our Wednesday afternoon Bible study. It is just another example of false doctrine being taught. She believed she was going to live 300 years?! We cleared that up and are now dealing with “tongues and “healing.” We are certainly in a spiritual battle. Please pray for Ruth.

Other members of Team East Africa are doing well. Pastor Andy Richey and Lighthouse Baptist Church continue to grow, and they will be looking for a new location very soon. Pastor Charles Newton and Faith Baptist Church are also progressing well. Last week they had their first Baby Dedication, and the church has adults who are growing in grace due to the excellent training they are receiving. The Heselschwerdt family has done a great job finishing their Swahili course, and they are using it as often as they can. Bro. Brandon Heselschwerdt has just returned from Ghana, having helped out on a medical mission. He and his family are now situated on the other side of town in a newly developing area, seeking out the Lord’s will for their ministry in that area. Praise the Lord.

Please pray . . .

1. For a good attendance at the upcoming PPTA training by committed pastors with vision and integrity.
2. That those wishing to attend the PPTA training will be able to raise the finance necessary for their transport at least one way.
3. For help for the Kenyan pastors to grow in understanding and wisdom and see their churches grow in number and grace.
4. For the Morris household’s health to be stable. We all seem to have something going on. I currently have energy and blood pressure issues, possibly due to many years of medication. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist this week. The following week, I will be teaching something like 20-28 lessons in 4 days.
5. For our support levels. All over the world, costs are going up on everything and, unfortunately, Kenya is no exception. We are looking to increase our support but will not be returning on furlough for at least another 16 months. As a family, we have currently been residents on the field over 5 years, with our current term being 2 years. (I have been working with Kenyan pastors in Kenya since 1994.) Please pray for our support to increase.
6. For Lindsay, who is turning 17 next February, is doing homeschooling, and does not have many friends her own age in Kenya. She is a great girl and very sharp, but obviously, it is a sacrifice she is making at this age.

Finally, we give thanks for all of you who have joined with us as partners in taking the Gospel to the people of Kenya. We are pleased to say that your investment is showing fruit. We are eternally thankful that you and/or your church have been so faithful in your giving that it has allowed us to stay here in Kenya all these years, fulfilling what the Lord has called us to do and serving our precious Saviour. His return is nigh.

Thank you and God bless you.

Your fellow laborer’s and brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionaries to Kenya