Peter and Melody Morris Prayer Letter: Pastors' Training Doing WellWe had the February Pastors’ Practical Training Academy early in the month. We had 4 missionaries teaching and 19 Kenyan pastors in attendance. These pastors are from across the western part of the country, including the towns of Bungoma, Homa Bay, Rongo, Migori, Bondo, Kisii, Nyamira, and Lolgorian.

One of our more mature pastors, Pastor Clement, who has been faithfully attending each month, came down with malaria. On Monday, we were told by a local hospital in Nairobi that he did not have malaria, and he was given some medication that after 36 hours still had had no effect on his condition. Then on Wednesday when he started to become incoherent, I thought we might lose him unless he was to receive some quality medical help. I had him taken to a Nairobi hospital, a more reputable hospital, where they diagnosed him with two strains of malaria. They were threatening to put him into the High Dependency Unit (HDU); but, thankfully, that was not necessary, and the care that he was given most probably saved his life. It was a distraction from the usual program of the PPTA and cost me $1,200 personally, but I believe the Lord used us to save his life. Usually, he could not have afforded this level of treatment. However, he is a faithful man, and I believe we did a good thing. He is back home, very weak and recovering slowly. Praise the Lord!

Now, having completed the Foundations of My Faith series and the ABCs of Christian Growth, we will revise, test, and move on to more detailed study materials, including Teaching All Nations. We are about to start Book 2 of the Teaching All Nations series on followship, titled “The Importance of Submission.” Although the printing of study materials is expensive, I believe it is necessary and may be used for many years to come as pastors teach others also.

Please pray for us, as this is a complex ministry, contending with a general lack of training, false doctrine, cultural issues, and a poverty mentality. Money is always an issue with the lower-income levels of those who live upcountry, understandably so. Please pray that the Lord will make inroads through our PPTA and raise up men of integrity to take what they have learned and will learn back to their communities and across Kenya, hopefully seeing many saved.

Lindsay turned 17 on February 21, and we would like to say we couldn’t be prouder of our daughter, who is turning into a fine young lady. Thank you for those who remember her in your prayers and sent her birthday cards and gifts. She still has schooling and training to complete, so please pray for her as she looks to the future and tries to work out what the Lord would have her to do.

Melody’s presentation to over 600 parents on how to determine if children have dyslexia and how they can be helped through the Reading Centre and Barton Training went well, with parents calling her personally requesting more information. She was able to direct them to the Kenyan teachers at Thika Road Christian School, whom she has trained to run the Reading Centre. Melody is very pleased with the progress of the tutors and the bright future of the Reading Centre. Children who may never have been able to read will now be able to read the Bible for themselves, be more of a blessing to their parents, have a less distressful life, and a future full of hope.

Thank you for both your prayers and financial support, which have enabled us to remain in the ministry and on the field of Kenya for many years.

Please pray for the PPTA, which meets the second week of March. We have been having good attendance and an enthusiastic attitude towards the learning taking place. Also, please pray for our health, as we all have some sort of issue at the moment, and our finances.

We are greatly appreciative for your partnering with us, and we believe you will be rewarded in Heaven for your kindness and generosity to the Morris family and support of the ministry God has called us to. May God bless you as you serve Him in whatever capacity He has called you.

Thank you and God bless you!

Your co-labourers and friends,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionaries to Kenya, East Africa