Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Heavy Hearts and Many TearsOn Christmas Sunday, we had many visitors attend our service, and all of the chairs were filled. Our brother from India brought three men with him. I invited many people, and a man from Minsk Mazowiecki, where we live, came and brought a lady with him. Others came who had not attended for a while. It was an exciting day.

God sent a man to help during this winter season. He was an American here in Poland, and he came and gave out about 10,000 tracts and John & Romans copies to people in the streets. He also did many things that helped when I was not able to be there. My wife had trouble breathing on Christmas Sunday and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She stayed in the hospital for 11 days. They helped get her back to strength. She had fluid retention from heart failure, which caused breathing trouble. She is home and feeling much better now.

Through our ministering, we have had many people taking interest. A 25-year-old Muslim man from Russia came to church and asked me to teach him the Bible. He is planning to study in California. We have had several Bible studies together. His employer is causing him trouble, so he hasn’t been able to come lately. Pray for this young man.

A special-needs couple called me because they were having problems with the heating in their flat. I went to their place and told them how to fix the problem. They have come to church on different occasions. They called me again because they were both having serious health problems, and I consoled them.

Jolie had the opportunity to talk with a nurse, who was very sweet and friendly to her. Jolie wants to meet her again—pray for this door to open. While visiting Jolie in the hospital, I was at reception, and a lady there took a copy of John & Romans from me. Then she started to break down and cry. She told me there were a lot of problems in her life and also family problems. She was very open to the Lord. We are keeping in good contact with her and are trying to help her.

Vlad is a young Ukrainian man who is working here in Warsaw. I witnessed to him, and he said the Jehovah’s Witnesses were trying to teach him. He did want to get saved, and he asked that we get off of the busy street to pray. We walked around to a quieter area, and there he prayed and accepted the Lord into his heart. He also broke down and wept because of the heavy burden in his heart. His little daughter was born with problems, and it was hard for him to understand. This young man works a lot and has not been able to come to church, but we keep in contact with him. He recently thanked me for sending him the verses.

Another woman from Ukraine was given a tract by one of the people in our church. She called me one day crying and was very hurt because of some personal problems she was having. We have kept contact with her, and recently she has come to our church. Please pray for her and for her spiritual growth.

Another Polish man in his thirties, whom we met while out soul winning, got saved, and he has met with me several times. He is a world traveler and very busy, so it is difficult to get him in church. He is a good man, and I am encouraging him to study the Bible with me. I have weekly contact with him and send him Bible verses.

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In His harvest,

Paul & Jolie Sock