Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Colossal ChangesIt is beautiful and a real joy to see growth in our church people. We have had our members share how they have called each other and met to spend time together and pray for each other. It is important as a church that people encourage each other and befriend one another, as we are to provoke one another to love and to good works.
My wife’s health has been improving. The church ladies have been coming to her for counsel. She is often busy serving at our church dinner on Sunday or just loving on someone like a mother. She and Rachel, the new missionary wife, are working together to improve the church kitchen.

It is a blessing to have co-laborers with us here in Poland. Mathew and Rachel Shriner have been with us for a few months. They moved here from Pennsylvania to do mission work in Poland. They are presently in the learning stages, as they are taking some language classes and working on getting their visas to stay here. They have a very new baby girl, who is only six months old. It is going to take time for them to settle in and get used to life here. Brother Mathew’s church in York, Pennsylvania, is planning to bring a group of people here in November. There are quite a few Slavic people in the church there in Pennsylvania; and, therefore, the people really have a heart to help in the work and to share their expertise with us here. Some of the men will help to complete building projects, and others will help install security cameras and other equipment for videoing our services.

Presently, our church building is under construction. The floors in our main meeting room were completely torn up, removed, and re-cemented to install heating coils in the floor. It will be the first time our church has had central heating. We’ve always made do with small electric/oil heaters, and the building was somewhat cold throughout. There are plans to remodel a bathroom at the church to make it into two bathrooms—one for the men and one for the women. At the moment, everyone uses the same bathroom.

A pastor from Pennsylvania brought his family and one other family from his church to visit the work here. They went out on Saturday to pass out our literature on the street in front of the church. They invited people and talked with several people. One very special thing that our church people really enjoyed was the singing of the visiting pastor’s wife and daughter. His daughter also played the piano in our service.

One pastor from Florida came to do two days of evangelizing with us. We saw several saved out on the street and passed out a lot of literature. Also, we met a man who believes like us but doesn’t have a church he attends. He has come one time and wants to come to more of our meetings. Please pray for him and his family to join.

A man in our church told a testimony of how God is blessing his finances. He began tithing, and he was given better opportunities at his job. Praise the Lord for obedient Christians! A Ukrainian man came to Poland not long ago for work. He tiled the wall in the church kitchen and did other work here, and we helped him. He is now back in Ukraine and in the war. He recently said that he called on the Lord for salvation. Pray for his growth as I disciple him online.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock