Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Believing, Changing, and ServingWe had a man from Belarus bring a Ukrainian couple to the church at a time that was not a service time. I got to talk with them about the Bible and about marriage because they want to marry soon. I gave them some marriage advice. The girl came to our meeting, and her fiancé came later after the meeting. They both enjoyed themselves. Pray for their salvation. We had a man come who was giving out a lot of literature; he met a man named Peter, and he gave me his contact. I tried to establish contact with him, but he would not answer. I started sending a lot of Bible verses to him. At the end of April, he told me he wanted to meet and ask some questions because he is agnostic. He came the next day to our service. I told him to come meet me while we were evangelizing, and he came and met me. He really loved our church meeting and being with us. He wanted to serve and help us. He was taking photographs because he has to take photos for his art school. We have a Ukrainian man who comes witnessing with us. He meets many Ukrainians while we are together evangelizing on the streets. He has had many visitors attend since he invites different people. One lady brought her small son, who is about eight years old, and he loves attending, as my wife gives him coloring sheets and nice books to look at. On Easter, I purchased a toy bus and gave it to him. The little boy was so happy. His father has to stay in Ukraine, as men of a certain age are not permitted to leave during wartime, and the little boy and his mother are here in Poland. We are trying to be a blessing and help to the refugees.

Mr. P, a Polish man, brought Mr. D, a Latvian man who has lived in Poland for years, and Mr. D brought Mr. A, a Belarusian man. Mr. P got saved in our church. Mr. D was already saved and had attended a Bible college here in Poland. Pray for the salvation of Mr. A.

We have known Mr. P for years. He was open to joining our church, and he officially joined our church recently. Mr. P loves to preach on the street every weekend. Since joining our church, he has a desire to street preach. We praise the Lord for this new ministry God has given to our church. I talked to Mr. D about joining our church, and he was excited and joined. He is disabled, but he goes witnessing every Saturday with us and helps around the church. He is also translating for our English-speaking people.

We appreciate your prayers for Jolie, as she is still trying to improve. Pray for Mr. J, a young man who has a Polish father and an African mother. He has been attending our services. He asks many questions. He has also gotten involved and been a helper to the church during some of our meetings. He recently asked me how to be saved. I gave him the plan of salvation, and he believed and trusted Christ as His Saviour. We are so grateful for this precious young man. Pray for Mr. K to get involved. He came the first time to a Thursday night Bible study, even though I have met with him many times before and taught him privately.

Our people have been busy serving and filling needs in various ways. We praise the Lord for the people in our church. They really serve one another, and when we have guests, they make them feel at home. Several people used their skills to help develop the ministry around our church and to make it more orderly and organized. We are praying that one day the church will be pastored by a Polish pastor and be a solid church plant in Europe.

In His harvest,

Paul Sock