Osmin and Eva Gutierrez Prayer Letter: Electricity and a New Bus!I pray this letter finds you well. We have had a lot happen since our last letter. We now have electricity on our property! We opted for the solar-energy option; I got tired of dealing with the government and uncooperative neighbors. We are still working out some details, but we are now able to hold evening services and activities at the church.

The last few months, we had been visiting a new area. Things were going great, and visitors were coming . . . until my van broke down. Thankfully, the bus director of our home church raised the money to get us a bus. Thank you, Bro. John Francis! We now have more room and are working and praying to fill up this bus. What a blessing!

We used to go camp every year on Easter. This stopped during the pandemic. To get it going again, we decided to do a “one-day camp.” We had a great turnout! We had about 100 young adults attend from our church and two other churches. We had a great time remembering Jesus’ resurrection, eating delicious food, and fellowshipping with our brothers in Christ. We are already planning on doing it for more than one day next year.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.


Osmin Gutierrez