Montana and Kellie Morrow Prayer Letter: Reporting for Duty!Landon wanted to write to you all and give a progress report: Gjmmkknbbbk ssxv. llkjhgfgnhn 5421121122222222 333333333333344444444455555666667778888888899999900000ccctsy3.

Allow me to translate: “I know my ABCs. I love to sing Sunday school songs. I can count to 10. I am almost 3!”

Landon is seriously such a smart kid! He loves going to church. I think his favorite part is playing on the playground and seeing his friends. Kellie always sings a medley of Sunday school songs to him before bed. His most requested ones at the moment are “Father Abraham,” “The B-I-B-L-E,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and a few others. He will even “drive” his toy cars to church. We are just in awe of this kid every day.

Now for a progress report about the church and the work here:

Towards the beginning of January, we finished our Swahili lessons! It was a very exciting day for us! Our teacher bought us a cake to celebrate. My Swahili has improved, and I’m pretty conversational. Kellie still struggles to understand and have a conversation with others. She can put together a decent sentence, but it’s the back-and-forth exchange that is hard for her.

After our lessons concluded, we took my dad back to Dar es Salaam and spent a couple of days relaxing and doing some “fun” shopping before his flight left for America. We said goodbye to my dad and said hello to the Wyatts the day after. We are so thankful that they are back in their spots!

Kellie was asked to speak at the village Ladies’ Meeting in January. Pastor Wyatt translated for her. She gave three simple points on how to live a good life, which ended at the Gospel. Pastor Wyatt took over from there, and 7 ladies raised their hands for salvation that day! There were 47 ladies present. She also spoke at the Swahili Prayer Breakfast the following weekend. That lesson was about guarding your heart. She used the song, “O Be Careful Little Eyes What You See,” as the points.

Valentine’s Day is not commercially celebrated here as it is back in America, but we were able to go to dinner kid-free that weekend. There is another American family here with Pioneer Bible Translators, who hosted some of the international kids so the parents could have an evening to themselves. This was Landon’s first “big boy” party. He had a great time and was able to play with a boy who is just a little bit older than he is.

February’s Kids’ Day saw 24 kids trust in Christ for salvation. This is such a fruitful ministry, and the kids always have a good time.

I’ve had a desire to be more involved with the Swahili youth group this year, so in January, I started staying for their service. The teen service always meets after both of the main services on Sundays from 3:30-4:30. I have been teaching them some Swahili songs and also introducing some English ones as well. They even sang for the church congregation one Sunday.

Pastor Wyatt asked me to film three videos for a new visitors’ page on their website: “How to Pack,” “What to Expect,” and “Orientation.” I had all three videos filmed and stored on an external hard drive. I plugged the hard drive into my MacBook, and for whatever reason, the device froze up. I lost all of the videos, as well as the brand-new Wednesday services I’ve been recording. Kellie, Mrs. Rachel, and I all tried to troubleshoot and revive the files, but the damage was done—all of the files were lost. I had to reshoot all of the videos, as everything else was lost too. Thankfully, I had the scripts and the props already prepared for the reshoots. Please pray that all of the footage can be recovered! If you ever want to visit us on the field or take a missions trip here, you can gain access to the videos.

We are coming back this September through January for our first furlough. We will be in the Midwest, on the East Coast, and in parts of Kansas. Most of our Sundays are full, but if you would like to have us report in person, we have some Wednesdays available.

Between the months of January and February, there were 224 salvations and 22 baptisms, and our average attendance is 650 on Sundays.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Montana, Kellie, and Landon Morrow