Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: The Devil Defeated in the Battle for the SoulA new name was written down in Glory last week! May___z is a Persian woman who learned of our live virtual Bible study class through social media. The timing of her visit was providential. She tuned in and listened quietly for two hours. Fresh war in the Middle East provided a timely context for my preaching on Matthew 24 and Luke 21 (the Last Days). She saw that Christ’s prophecies are accurate, and the religion of her youth offered no such truth. Toward the end of our meeting, she expressed interest in receiving Christ, so Matthew (my translator) and I began to share Scriptures with her. Then BAM! The internet went out—completely dead! Every effort to reset it failed. May____z waited patiently as we tried to resolve it, praying as we went, but to no avail.

Regardless, we work across multiple time zones, and it was already 1:00 a.m. where Matthew lives, so we had to postpone our meeting to the following week, a frustrating end to a very profitable meeting. She said she would return. And, every soul winner reading this knows that “see you next week” sets the wheels of Hell in motion to divert her away from this weekly class. If Satan can derail a half-finished Gospel presentation, he will! But the wonderful news is, MAY_____Z WOULD NOT BE DETERRED! Prayers during the week cleared a path for May____z’s return. God led me to teach on the reliability of the Word of God, and she, along with many others, heard every word. The internet ran strong, and God received great glory, as the plan of salvation was offered to May____z and received.


Some Muslims first encounter Christ through dreams and visions. The issue is, these same people often pin their eternal security to the vision, without first understanding their condition. I believe these dreams can be sent from God, but they are a beginning—not an end. It is our responsibility to explain their sin condition to them, so that right doctrine can be understood and barriers can be removed. It is such a thrill to watch the scales fall off and see the true liberty that comes in salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone!


Lately, the name of Mosab Hassan Yousef has appeared in the news again. Years ago, I had the opportunity to meet him during a radio interview in Hammond, Indiana. He is the son of Hamas’ founder, but years ago, he was liberated from the grip of Islam when a missionary showed him these words of Christ: “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.” Today, history’s most famous vicious cycle continues. Israel rejects the Messiah Christ. Islam rejects Him too. Both claim to represent God. A centuries-long slug fest accomplishes nothing but populating Hell’s numbers. PLEASE PRAY that God would use us and others to point to His Son, and that the futility of this feud would hit home. May___z sees it. Twenty-one Persian souls in August saw it. Others will too.

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505