Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Our Trip Is Just Around the Corner!As of this writing, we are just two weeks away from our trip to T___! A great deal of preparation is still under way, as six of us will be traveling through I___ to our final destination. We will have an intense schedule of preaching, as our meetings run almost a week non-stop. We will be transporting supplies for the church, the pastor, and his wife. Please pray that God protects our every step and blesses us with His power for these meetings. As expected, the Devil has tried to hinder the work as we labor on the details. Health, travel logistics, and other matters have been tampered with, but we know our God will prevail. We need your intercessory prayers daily as we approach these dates. We would request that you’d place reminders in your phones to pray for our safety and effectiveness in this dangerous Muslim country. Thank you for being our faithful allies in this work!

God has been blessing our work with multiple families in and around Kabul, Afghanistan. We have seen 6,730 people reach out to us from Afghanistan in the last 30 days. We have resumed outreach into Cairo, Egypt, and 1,820 have reached out to us during the last 3 weeks. We have had 7,030 respond to the Gospel message in Northern Iraq, but we are facing challenges establishing two-way communications with seekers in this country. Please pray that God would help us solve this problem. In Morocco, we have seen 3,750 seekers reach out to us in the last 30 days, and Marwan has been updating our contact database to help these people. The Gospel is going forth! Please pray for laborers who will contribute heart, time, and skill to help us serve these people.

Jessie and I have been traveling throughout the Southeast as we try to shore up support for this costly work. I have preached in Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Virginia these past two weeks. During this time, I’ve been able to see two young men trust Christ: one, a young Canadian named Jedediah, and another, a young father named Bodie. Both received Christ with tears of gratitude. Please pray for another man named Ernie, who listened carefully to the Gospel for 45 minutes. His desire for a “feeling” blocked his view of the simple truth of the Cross. Pray that another will pick up where we left off . . . and his heart will be ready.


• Pray that God would continue to bless our weekly Clubhouse preaching and Zoom prayer meetings. We have seen numbers of Iranian and Afghani people trust Christ and be discipled through these gatherings.
• Our unique form of ministry seems to defy classification with the IRS, and as such, we need wisdom to navigate through the process. Please pray for God’s guidance through this annual season.
• I am facing some health challenges of late; arterial plaque and a mole on my head that could be melanoma are both being evaluated. Please pray for God’s help and healing. My A1C was high last month; we are rechecking it soon. Please pray that my efforts to lower it will be successful.

Missionary #6505