Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Blessings Through Steep AdversityThe Taliban Have Arrested Two From Our Afghani Ministry—URGENT PRAYER NEEDED!

I got word today from one of our workers that a believer in Afghanistan was able to exit that country and escape to relative safety in another Muslim country. He tells us that two believers from our Afghani ministry have been arrested. We have an extremely rigid protocol for safe intercommunication. The problem arises when family or neighbors learn of a conversion. Word hits the streets, and the local Taliban follow up on the leads, often going door to door. These two men, Za___n and Is___el, have been captured. Both of them are saved men. I am told they are being tortured for information about other believers. Please intercede for them. We are only as helpless as our abilities to pray. Please pray for their protection and release. Mohammad (one of our workers) and I spent much time together praying this morning. Your prayers mean so much.

Blessings in the Adversity

Ali responded after a teaching session with the WhatsApp note that said, “Glory to Jesus because He came to save us from our sins!” We are seeing salvations each month. While I am teaching Persians and Afghanis in our weekly Clubhouse virtual classrooms, Mohammad teaches in another session with mainly Afghani people. One such student escaped to the roof of a building in the winter cold so he could hear the Gospel undetected by prying eyes. He had no WiFi, but an internet signal is rationed and available at certain times of day and night. Please pray for this man, as he is close to receiving the Lord.


Last month, I was able to send a small amount of money to Mohammad, who in turn, distributed it to Mol___ar in Afghanistan. It was our last $200. Mol___ar was saved a year ago last summer and is a vital link inside the country; he has become a worker for Christ! Mol___ar then distributed the money to a new believer named Naj___. (We only share among believers who regularly attend our preaching sessions. They are carefully vetted.)

Other Developments from God

God has given us a partner in ministry for the country of Iraq! You’ll remember that our dear brother, Stephen Troell, was called Home. We prayed for a man who would assume the vital role that Stephen was to have . . . and God sent us that man. A___w serves in the Kurdish region in the northern part of Iraq. Our meeting was providential. Over the last month, A___w and I have been praying for clarity as to how we might collaborate. We are able to get radio into that region and potentially connect seekers to him. He already has an underground church in the country. We are scheduled to begin coordinating efforts by phone on January 20. Please pray for God’s direction and wisdom as we move on this new partnership.


Please pray for funding for 2023. Our needs are great, and we are limited at present by what we can do. Thank you so much for whatever the Lord might lay on your heart.

My wife’s father has been doing very well, thanks to the prayers of God’s people. We speak with him each week.

In His service,

Missionary #6505