Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: 24,000 Miles Traveled in Reaching the Muslim WorldSo much has happened since our last prayer letter . . .

• Hope4Iraq is broadcasting.
• M____ is an additional Persian Christian serving with us.
• We are now partnering with The Gospel Film, reaching into Afghanistan.
• I was able to preach in Jericho.
• We have a special prayer need: Jessie’s dad.

Since this June, I have flown over 24,000 miles, reaching out into the Muslim world and Israel! It has been almost six weeks since our last prayer letter, so I have much to report from my journeys.

In June, I entered a partnership with Pastor S___ T___, a Baptist national pastor in Cairo, Egypt. In addition to his own people in Egypt, he shares my burden for the people of Iraq, and he shares their language as well. S___ will be handling outreach from Iraq, using targeted social media, while I continue working with the people of Iran and Afghanistan. Our Moroccan work continues under M___’s able care. Hope4Iraq is our latest radio mission and serves one of the major cities of Iraq. With it, we can now use this fifth Muslim ministry as a bridge to direct seekers and converts to a local pastor on the ground in Iraq. PLEASE PRAY as we get final technical details worked out; social media is an essential link to the population, and the Devil has been fighting it.

M___ is a friend of two years; he is a Persian man. M___ is PASSIONATE about the Gospel, and he comes well-trained from an IFB church in Australia. God always knows how to provide the right person at the right time! Recently, I was contacted by Evangelist C___ G___, who produced a powerful video called The Gospel Film, now showing online in numerous languages. Brother C___ recently had it translated into Farsi and has seen many dozens of Persian-language contacts reach out with a desire to be saved. We have been receiving these contacts and working with them to see them grounded and discipled as the Lord leads.

Finally, God gave me an opportunity to visit and preach in Israel, along with a foray into Jordan, last month. I had the opportunity to preach in three locations, including the world’s oldest existing city, Jericho. One of the most profound experiences of my life was to see the STILL-EMPTY tomb of our wonderful Lord Jesus! Hallelujah!


• PLEASE PRAY for my father-in-law L___, a godly, gracious man who is in hospice care with advanced cancer. We are traveling to spend time with him in a week. Pray for my wife J___, who is struggling greatly with this, as are the rest of us.
• Please pray for M___’s wife B___, who has been struggling with a long-term ear infection. We are working to get her medical care for this.
• Musa, one of our Afghani converts, has seen numbers of his people—Hazarite teenage girls—murdered by the Taliban this past month in a car bombing. Please pray that we can reach their families.
• We have seen two more saved during the last two weeks. Please pray for souls.

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505