Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Survey Trip Scheduled for December!I love getting to go soul winning with my wife. I told her after we got married that I had always looked forward to going soul winning with my wife someday. Having a pretty lady with you when you’re knocking on doors makes it so much more fun. Recently, when she and I were out together, I got the chance to talk to Joe, who was extremely friendly and open to talking. He hadn’t been to church in several years, but when he had gone, it had been to a Pentecostal church. I began to give him the Gospel, and he seemed to agree with me on every point . . . until a lightbulb clicked on and he asked me, “So you’re saying that you can get saved, keep sinning, and then still go to Heaven when you die?” I told him, “Yes, because that’s what the Bible says.” Joe suddenly realized that he and I did not believe the same thing. I had already explained to him that salvation is not by works, and he had agreed, but Joe did not see how what he said he believed contradicted what he had been taught. I explained simply to him how if our works can determine whether or not we keep our salvation, then our works are necessary for salvation. I think this was a lot for him to absorb, since he told me he wasn’t ready to accept what I had showed him from God’s Word. He said I had given him a lot to think about.

In contrast, last week I was out soul winning and got to share the Gospel with Tavian and his girlfriend Andrea. I had just knocked on their door when Tavian drove up into the driveway. After he realized why we were there, he explained that he and his girlfriend had just been talking about getting into church. He went inside and brought her out, and I got to lead both of them to the Lord. They were wide open and very humbly prayed with me out loud at the end. Praise the Lord! Tavian and Andrea were prepared to receive Christ before I even showed up that day. When we go out, we never know whether we will be planting, watering, or reaping. We never know if the person behind the door we knock on is someone who needs us to compel them or a person who has been waiting for answers to the questions in their heart. Our duty is to go out, be available, and let the Lord do His work.

Update for Taiwan

We have good news to share about our survey trip to Taiwan. Our plans are going forward for us to be able visit this December. As of last week, travel has been opened for American citizens into Taiwan without the requirement of a visa, although there is still a three-day quarantine requirement. We believe that the quarantine period will be reduced or completely done away with by the time we’re ready to take our trip. We are excited to get to be able to go finally and determine more precisely what our next step will be after deputation.

Prayer Requests

If you would, please pray for our family concerning the trip to Taiwan. R___ and I have decided to leave W___ and B___ behind with family while we are overseas. We ask prayer specifically for them while we are gone, prayer for our health and safety while traveling, and, finally, prayer for the success of the trip. We want to follow God’s will and pray that God would clearly direct us to whom we will be working with and to what city we will be moving next year. If you would, continue also to pray as you have been for our family, as we have a busy schedule this fall in Michigan.

We have full faith that God will work and provide as He has done so well in the past. We are a blessed family in many ways because of your giving and prayers.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013