thumbnail of M6013 October 2023 NewsletterThese are exciting times for the S___ family. We are drawing closer to leaving for the field, and my wife and I are praising God through the busyness. We will hit full support soon and have been able to be a part of some great meetings and conferences in the Southern states. God has been protecting us while we have put many miles on our van. It is a joy to visit these churches and establish more friends and partners in ministry. We have gotten to be a part of moving services, and we are hopeful for what God has planned in America and beyond.

Prayer for Preparation

We have a lot of things to accomplish before we are ready for the move to Taiwan. We have to continue the process for our visa applications, finish vaccinations, sell many of our belongings, and pack what we’re taking with us. There are a lot of details and surprise expenses to sort out in such a short time, especially while we continue to travel. Pray for our family as we work to prepare quickly. Pray as well that we can be patient as God works His will in His timing.

Witnessing in the Way

Praise the Lord for those we have been able to see saved as we’ve traveled. The lost are still getting saved, and God is always doing His work. Just recently, while witnessing to a young man named J___, I was impressed by how blessed I am to have the Word of God. J___ had gone to church for a long time but had stopped because he had been hurt by Christians. He explained to me that He believed that God is a God of love and that he didn’t have to go to church to have a relationship with Him. He also said that He didn’t trust the Bible as the only source of information about God. He told me that he had spent time in prayer, and God had confirmed to him that he was right in his worldview.

I don’t know if J___ was justified in his hurt. Even if he was, I agreed with him that God is a God of love, and we know this because God told us so in His Word. We all have to be careful to avoid worshiping a god of our own imagination. I told J___ that his heart was “deceitful above all things,” and he couldn’t trust his heart to know God. Praise the Lord, we have the Bible that reveals God to us, and that has remained the same since He gave it to us.

I would ask you all, my praying friends, to remember J___. Unfortunately, he wasn’t ready to trust in Christ. I met him while soul winning in Texas, and I don’t know that I’ll ever have the chance to follow up with him. There are a number of people I have shared the Gospel with while we’ve been traveling—D___, R___, T___, and M___—for whom I continue to pray, even if I can’t go back to talk to them again. We can take the hope that God loves the lost more than we do, and He is working in their lives to draw them to Him. Be encouraged to share the Gospel because I hope one of you might be able to meet J___ and draw growth from the seed planted.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013