Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: The Visas Have Arrived!“But they that wait upon the LORD . . . shall mount up with wings as eagles . . . .” (Isaiah 40:31)

We are excited to announce that the visas are in! Thank you for your prayers over this very important issue. I am sure that the prayers of God’s people have made this result possible. Not only are our visas ready, but this week, we were also able to send ahead 20 boxes of our belongings to Taiwan. Several weeks ago, I asked a Christian brother in China if he could give me some direction on shipping the boxes since he works in logistics. He gave me a contact who helped me get the boxes shipped. Once the process was done, I asked him about the payment process since no one had asked me for it yet. He kindly replied, “Don’t worry about it, Brother M___; it is taken care of. You go serve God.” Praise the Lord! What a blessing this Chinese Christian brother was to us! Lord willing, we will be able to work with him and others very soon.

We hope to be in Taiwan to receive those boxes when they arrive. As quickly as we made it past those hurdles, I began making decisions on plane tickets. February and March were the opportune times to buy tickets, but with the visas in question, we had to watch those great prices fly out of sight. Now the direct-flight option we were able to take advantage of last November has more than doubled in price! Upon reviewing other options, the most reasonable alternative is still around $3,000 more than the price for which I originally planned. We are asking the Lord, once again, to provide for this and give us clear direction. I need to buy the tickets this week. I want to be the best steward I can, but due to one of our children having sensitivity to air sickness, we need to choose the most direct flight possible. At this point, it seems May 9 will be the best date for our departure. Please pray with us that I choose the right flight and that the Lord will take care of the added expense.

Again, the Lord has blessed with divine appointments. Just the other day, I met A___. She was taking her grandkids to a sports meet. They were having trouble finding out how to get into the Catholic college where the event was being held. As the kids ran from door to door looking for the best way in, I got to talk to A___ about the way into Heaven. I pointed out that it was similar to what was happening right then. The kids were going all over looking for a way in, but there was only one door open. A___ and I talked about the door she thought would help her. Then I was able to show her the One Way to Heaven from the Bible. A___ prayed and trusted Jesus.

I will remind you of S___, my friend who is a Chinese Christian businessman. Please be in prayer for God’s direction for his family. He is in America now looking for a place to be trained to reach other cultures, specifically Muslim nations, with the Gospel. I know of a great place that could help him with that. Please pray for him and his wife to make the decision to follow the Lord’s leading.

I will also ask that you continue to pray for T___, a young Chinese girl I have mentioned before. Her life is full of turmoil right now. Her parents need help to make Godly decisions not based on feelings. Please pray that she can find a safe, stable, Godly place to grow and learn to be the great Christian God intends for her to be.


• Souls saved
• Have of our visas
• Boxes shipped
• Multiple Chinese converts seeking to serve God

Prayer Requests

• God’s provision for ticket prices
• Wisdom for logistics moving to Taiwan
• Financial provisions for the move
• Wisdom for finding a good apartment in Kaohsiung
• More laborers
• T___ and her parents needing help for her schooling
• S___’s direction for training
• Moses’ family seeking training to be missionaries
• Divine appointments
• A means to train converts in mainland China

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004