Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: Survey Trip to Taiwan“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:6)

Indeed, the Lord has directed! Many wonderful things have happened since our last letter. First of all, I want to praise the Lord for His answer to prayer. The Sunday before we left for our visit to Taiwan, N___ and J___ came to say goodbye and to take us to lunch to talk. Pastor happened to be looking for them that same day to have them over for lunch; the timing couldn’t have been better. Pastor got to speak to them about accepting Jesus. N___ mentioned that he wasn’t ready yet but would like to go back to the church that afternoon if possible. There they talked some more, and N___ decided it was time to make his decision. There in the auditorium, he trusted Christ. J___ then spoke up and said she, too, felt she needed to get saved. She went to the altar and asked Christ into her heart. Praise the Lord for all those who were involved in bringing this couple to Christ! How fun it is to see Him direct paths when we acknowledge Him!

Our survey trip to the Republic of China (Taiwan) was also great! It was wonderful to be back in the Chinese culture among Chinese-speaking people. For those unfamiliar with it, when the Nationalist Party of China fled from the Communists who were taking over mainland China, they relocated in Taiwan. For many years, Beijing was not thought of as being the leader of China, but rather the Nationalist government in Taiwan. Taiwan is very much like the nickname some have given it, “Free China.” We were freely able to pass out tracts and start conversations about the Gospel with many people. T___ was able to talk with B___ at the park and share the Gospel with him. I had a conversation with A___, to whom Mr. F___ was able to give the Gospel. However, with freedom comes vices. Drugs, gangs, sodomites, and broken homes were clearly heard in the conversations we had. They are a free people, but yet in bondage to sin. Whereas Communism has purged much of the mainland of idols, traditional beliefs, and religions, Taiwan is saturated with them. These people are in need of the Saviour.

At the same time, our friends in Communist China are struggling. Several of the wealthier families we have worked with are trying to immigrate to other countries. These Christian brothers and sisters need prayer and divine help to get their families and livelihoods to a safer place. One particular person who needs prayer is a 14-year-old girl I call T___. She has two younger siblings, and her parents are faithful, godly people. They literally give almost all of their time to serve at the church; they have very little. This family, barring a miracle, will never leave China. Years ago, they chose to give their children a Christian education. Tina has only ever known homeschooling or a Christian school, and because she has never been in the Chinese public-school system, at this point, she has no other choice. Without a public-school diploma or degree, she has little chance of getting any kind of job that can sustain her or her family. She has a heart for Jesus, but the current crackdowns are leaving the family with little hope. We have tried to help by checking into different Christian-school opportunities outside of China; however, each one faces difficulties, and all require money that they don’t have. Please be in prayer for T___ and others like her who are living under persecution in mainland China.

Our goals are clear. We will, Lord willing, be able to move to Taiwan in the beginning months of 2023 to start working on our language fluency. At the same time, we will work with others to start churches and get the Gospel to the Chinese in Taiwan, as well as continue to reach out to those we know who are struggling in Communist China.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Praise the Lord . . .

• That N___ and J___ got saved!
• For the great potential in Taiwan.

Please pray for . . .

• The Chinese converts under lockdowns.
• More laborers willing to go.
• M___ and family.
• Divine favor with official paperwork.
• T___ and family.
• S___ and family.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004 and Family