Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: 18-Year Anniversary ServiceWe praise the Lord for the month of January, as we celebrate another new year. In the first week of January, we started announcing and preparing for our 18-year church anniversary service. The church was excited about bringing first-time visitors and reaching souls. The church prayed for the upcoming anniversary service on February 5. We thank the Lord for Bro. Schutt, who came and challenged us during the church anniversary week.

We prayed, prepared, and invited for the church anniversary service. God opened the door for us to enter the Benguet State University Veterinary Department. We were able to give the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to these students.

We praise the Lord for the college students, teenagers, and adults who came for the anniversary. On Sunday morning, we divided the schedule into two services in order to accommodate the crowd situation. In the first service, we had over 15 first-time visitors. In the second service, we had over 40 first-time visitors. We thank the Lord that the Gospel was preached, and people responded by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the visitors who came was a young man named Tirso. Tirso sat in the back of the church and listened very carefully during the preaching service. After the service, one of our members walked over and witnessed to him. Praise the Lord, Tirso received the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour! Please pray for Tirso, as he lives about two hours down the mountain in a different province and town.

We praise the Lord for the 6 to 10 first-time visitors who have started regularly attending the services. Please pray for their faithfulness also!

Thank you to those of you who have already contacted us, but for those who have not yet emailed us, please let us know soon if you want us come by and visit during our furlough in 2023-2024. Please be patient with us as we try to plan and schedule a good time to visit you.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and financial support.

Your missionaries to the Philippines,

Mark and Kim Palmani
Anastasia, Rachel, and AJ