Keith Hamilton Prayer Letter: Knocked Down, But Not Knocked OutFirst, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This letter is a recent update of what happened in Limerick during September and October. Fall has come, and the days have begun to get shorter, nearly four minutes shorter each day. These dark days, with the cold and rainy weather, bring a shroud of darkness across the country. Thankfully, we are here spreading the light of the Gospel, and people are more open to talk of Christ during Christmas, the darkest time.


This month began with the first of our New Members’ Classes, which we are going to offer periodically for new people. The classes teach what we believe, what a Baptist is, and how the church is run. We had several people attend these classes, and four joined the church. Others, who were not able to be there, are interested, and we will be having more classes at the end of November. On the 3rd of November, I suddenly came down with food poisoning. This was very difficult since I try to take care of my health and very rarely get sick. Thankfully, I only missed one Wednesday meeting, but it took three weeks to finally get back to normal. Despite being sick, we kept going with our weekly meetings and discipleship lessons, and the people said I preached one of my best messages on my sickest Sunday. During this time, we had six visitors from the U.S., who were visiting Ireland and paid a visit to our church. During this month, we also lost several faithful people to work and family problems. Please pray for them.

At the beginning of the month, our oldest boy had a doctor’s appointment for the arm he broke in July during the Teen Rally. He was told his arm was finally healing, but that he cannot do any strenuous work for six months. At the end of the month, our youngest had his seventh birthday. We were able to take him to an indoor play area, and Kelly made him his favourite meal—pancakes.


This month began with needing to reschedule our young adults’ meeting due to the lack of attendance. I preached on heavenly crowns and continued our regular weekly meetings, soul winning, and discipling Sarah on Wednesdays and Graham on Thursdays. We ended up having four new visitors. Our landlord has been in the process of selling our building and rang me at the end of the month to inform me that the new owners want the building empty so they can build apartments. I am now in the process of searching for a new meeting place, but it will be difficult to match the €400/month (US$450) rent we have been paying. Please pray for the Lord to lead us to the right place.

Soul Winning

On a Saturday, I was out soul wining with a man named Raiss, who is from the Ivory Coast. He is always eager to spread the Gospel, and while we were out, we came across an atheist. Fortunately, he was not a militant atheist and was open to listening to the Gospel and our proof that there is a God. We were able to give him several things that he had never considered, and although he was not saved immediately, we were able to sow the seed of truth and pray that it would grow in fertile ground. When we departed, I left him with a tract about atheism, which he eagerly took. This young man represents many of the young people in Limerick, and around Ireland, who are growing up with no faith but in the atheistic religion of evolution.

Please pray for these needs:

1. New building
2. Co-laborers in Limerick
3. Protection over the ministry

Last, I would like to thank all of you for your continued prayers, faithful support, and all the churches and individuals who sent cards and gifts for Kendrick’s birthday.

In the campaign for Irish souls,

Keith Hamilton