Keith Hamilton Prayer Letter:  A New Year and a New FocusA New Year and a New Focus

We are thankful for all God has done in the past year. At the beginning of 2015, we received dual citizenship; and, aside from the occasional visitor, we had only a man and his son who were faithful for Wednesday Bible studies. Now at the beginning of 2016, we are in a building, have had many visitors, and have 14 people who are fairly consistent to our meetings, as well as people who join us for weekly soul winning and tract distribution. Plus, the tithes and offerings of the people alone are cover-ing the church expenses. We are so thankful for God’s blessings.


This year began with having 10 people over to our house for New Year’s. Kelly did a great job of filling the night with activities. We had a wonderful time praying in the New Year and were able to be a blessing to those who came. People couldn’t believe the night passed so quickly. A few days later, I had the opportunity to attend some Bible courses in Dublin with one of our men. While we were there, I met a Hungarian missionary on deputation to start a church in Hungary. He has raised nearly all his support in Europe alone. I invited him to come present his ministry on the following Sunday. He and his family were a great blessing. We brought them on Sunday night to Bible Baptist Church in Ballincollig, who voted to support them right away. In our meeting they really touched people’s hearts, and our missions giving has increased, so we may be able to begin supporting them as well. During this month we also had 2 new visitors to our services. Near the end of the month, I was invited to go help a national pastor and to brainstorm about methods to reach the Irish with the Gospel. I came back home with a renewed vision and focus. One of the ideas was to order a tract that was written by a saved nun, called “I Never Heard the True Gospel.” One of our faithful men, Chris, said he knows the former nun who wrote it. Please pray they get a good response. Also, as a new theme for the year, Kelly has begun going through the 66 books of the Bible in the Kid’s Bible Club.

On the 21st, Keith II had his 12th birthday. We celebrated by going to a pizza restaurant and then heading home for cake. He has really grown to be a wonderful young man. The Lord allowed us to get a good price on a used fish tank, and Keith got to get fish for his birthday.


This month I began teaching on what a New Testament church is and how it runs. It seems to be very enlighten-ing to those who have been there. Unfortunately, this month we lost a few of our faithful people over Calvinism. I didn’t want them teaching it to visitors and young Christians, so they left; but despite the loss, God still blessed with 3 new visitors. In the middle of the month, my oldest and I headed to Derry, four hours to the north of us. A missionary couple in Northern Ireland is leaving, and we met them in Derry to buy some items from them. I was able to return with a new pulpit and some other needed things for our home and the church. Although it was a blessing to us, it is sad to see another missionary couple go. All of the people who come are zealous about witnessing. So many people are hearing the Gospel at the colleges, busi-nesses, and workplaces, as well as on the streets. Kelly has been meeting with a lady named Ann, who was saved through a YouTube video, but she is fearful of getting tied to some dubious religious group. Please pray that Ann will come. Also, Kelly has recently started doing Bible studies with a Nigerian lady named Arit.

At the end of February on the 21st, we celebrated my 40th birthday. Kelly surprised me with a cake at church, and then we had a couple of people over in the evening. We also went hiking the next day, and Kelly made me a Chicago–style stuffed pizza. It was a great blessing.

I am currently in the process of planning to go back to the U.S. for a short furlough. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in this. In Limerick City there are 90,000 people who have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. There are so many needs here that one family cannot possibly fill. Please pray that the Lord would lead the right couple to come work with us.

Please continue praying for these needs:

1. Our support level is at 85%; please pray it might increase.
2. Co-laborers
3. Furlough plane tickets
4. Protection over the ministry

I thank all of you who sent birthday cards and gifts for Keith and me. They were such a blessing. I also thank those of you who lift us up in prayer and support us financially. Thank you all for your faithfulness.

In the campaign for Irish souls,

Keith Hamilton