Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year to all of you! We thank the Lord for you, as you have prayed for and given to this ministry in 2014! As we closed out the year in prayer with our church family, the men and the children prayed aloud and thanked God for His many blessings this year.

Suzanne and Stella are 16 and 14 years old. It is a joy when girls this age attend their Sunday school class, let alone help in one. Suzanne asked if she could take over the children’s church this year and has faithfully and thoroughly prepared for and taught “her” class each Sunday. Please pray for her parents to faithfully come to church and encourage her, as she so desires to serve the Lord.

Joao Vitor visited our church the first Sunday in November, and by the end of the month, he had brought his brother, his little sister, and a teen friend. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to lead them all, along with their dad, to the Lord! I offered to drive them home, and they said that it wasn’t too far. When we found out where they had walked from, we were amazed at the distance—it was a good hour’s walk home!

For our annual Thanksgiving service, the ladies prepared traditional dishes; and we all enjoyed a delicious meal after the preaching, singing, and history of this holiday. Although not celebrated in Brazil, our church appreciates that we have adopted this special day as a time to give thanks to the Lord for His goodness to us. Many even came in formal attire. Cleide came for the first time and brought her 80-year-old mother. Amy had had the privilege of leading Cleide to the Lord a week prior, and Cleide’s mother came to know the Saviour on Thanksgiving Day!

Amy took the ladies on an outing to a quaint town on the 29th, where they all enjoyed a devotional, coffee and breakfast, and walking through the shops. These times have helped the ladies build sweeter friendships as well.

December’s heat can really drain one’s energy, yet God has blessed the hours spent knocking on doors and witnessing in the streets. For the past seven years, we have worked together as a family, knocking on doors and making visits, even with all the little ones. Recently Juanito ran back to the car on his own to get more tracts and passed them out to 3 adults outside the park. The kids make friends easily and frequently witness and invite them to church. They are such a blessing to our ministry. I have enjoyed taking our visitor out soul winning an average of over 24 hours a week, and when he is unable to go, my kids jump at the chance to go! Almost every day God has given me someone ready to accept His salvation plan. Of the ones I can remember, at least 24 have come to know the Saviour in the last 2 months.

Veronica had tears in her eyes as Amy explained the Gospel to her at her door. She invited the ladies in and told them that her younger sister had died just eight days prior. Veronica and her daughter readily accepted God’s plan of salvation and promised to come to church. At a neighborhood park, Amy gave a tract to a lady sitting on a bench. She was interested in hearing the Gospel, and soon 6 other teens/kids came over to listen. While she was explaining the Gospel, the lady’s husband called to say it was time to go. She asked him to wait and continued listening intently. All 7 asked the Lord to save them!

God has blessed the Saturday soul-winning classes, where I have been teaching how to lead someone to Christ in Portuguese, and our visitors have all learned quickly! Three Mexicans and one American have led many souls to Christ in the last two months. To God be the glory!

As we celebrated Christmas with our church family, we were so filled with joy, and we thank the Lord for each year together with these dear people. The gift exchange was a fun time for all, and the dinner was an enjoyable event. All the children were happy to receive gifts as well. Many teens participated, and even though their parents did not come, they had a memorable time with the church family. One teen is recovering from cancer treatments and another from sinus surgery. I invited Eliana to our Christmas service on Tuesday and was happy to arrange a ride for her to come on Thursday. She said she would have been alone on Christmas and loved her time with all of us. Amy had the privilege of leading her to the Lord. A teen boy also visited for the first time.

Your prayers and giving have allowed our ministry to see many, many souls saved in the last two months. Thank you for your grand part in this ministry!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family