Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter: Pray Ye Therefore the Lord of the Harvest That He Would Send Forth LaborersThank you for your faithful prayers and support! Praise the Lord for the at least 100 souls saved from January to May. Personally, I thank the Lord for the many souls who have come to know the Saviour as we consistently share the Gospel with the lost. Sadly, the laborers are few! Please pray for helpers. Consider the need and how you can help minister to the lost in Brazil.

Please pray for the church building project in (1) Sao Paulo—Although completed, there remains much work to be done. (2) Cotia—There is also a tremendous amount of maintenance and finish work on the building and camp. (3) BUILDING PROJECT #3 is underway! For the past three months, my son Juan and I, as well as a few men from the church, have volunteered as we broke ground on a third church building. By God’s grace, we have made good progress. Joel is an older man who lives just three houses away from this new church. As I witnessed to him, he expressed his desire to be baptized. I explained his need for salvation first. Joel trusted in the Lord as Saviour! Joel needs to grow as a new believer in a Bible-teaching church. Please pray for this new building project!

God has blessed! In January, Esther celebrated her 19th birthday, and we invited two of the teen girls to have a combined birthday celebration. I took all of the teens to an outdoor shopping center, and then we celebrated with food and cake after the church service. The girls appreciated sharing this day with Esther. Some time ago, Esther led two Haitian children to the Lord, and they were so happy to finally come to our church. Family Camp Day was fun! Everyone really enjoyed the fellowship.

It is also always a blessing to have missionaries share their burden with our church! Maria’s grandchildren—Gustavo, Giovanna, Grasielle, and Nicole—have returned to church and are coming faithfully, understanding the discipleship lessons, memorizing Scripture, and bringing visitors. Praise the Lord!
God has blessed with many responding to the Gospel during soul winning and visitation every week. Salvation by grace is ridiculed by the abundance of churches around us. Pray that eyes would be open to the truth.

In March, Amy shared the Gospel during the invitation at a Ladies’ Meeting with visuals that Esther helped make. Although simple, these visuals have helped clarify the Gospel message with children and adults. She had the joy of leading Beth, our neighbor who attended, and a Spanish-speaking lady to the Saviour. Rafaela is a young mom who always stops to talk with us in front of the church. Amy shared the Gospel, and Rafaela and her boyfriend trusted in the Lord as their Saviour.

We thank the Lord for these dear families who are attending church faithfully now. Lucas responded to the Gospel with such amazement and then brought his neighbor friend Junior. He anxiously awaited as Junior first heard the salvation message and was so excited for him to be saved! We appreciate Juan and David teaching the flute and sign language in children’s church. We thank the Lord for 11 teens who attended camp. Their hearts were tender to the preaching, and they had fun! Mother’s Day in May in both churches was also very special, as we celebrated with a nice meal and gifts.

The third church is underway! If you would like to help with the cost of purchasing the land, building materials, or labor, please send your gifts to FBMI Missionary Juan Vallejo #97. Please indicate that it is for Church #3. We appreciate your help, as we have not been able to return to the States to visit our churches and raise funds for this new church. We have already witnessed to the neighbors and have led several to the Lord. Your prayers are necessary as we go forward. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family