Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter: One Miracle After AnotherThank you! You are praying and giving to the Lord! He is worthy. We know that this work is beyond our strength and abilities. Your prayers are sustaining us. I thank the Lord that for the past 16 years, we have never canceled an in-person church service. The months when we were only allowed to be open for prayer, there were times with a great spirit of revival. We held prayer services in the open field in Cotia and never canceled or closed, by God’s grace.

Keeping the doors open, we have seen one miracle after another. One Sunday evening, a new couple visited and asked us to pray for the wife who has cancer. Another Sunday evening, several children and a teenager visited with their grandma. Three of her grandchildren stay with her because they are unwanted by their stepdad. We are grateful they now have a heavenly Father, Who is preparing a place for them to spend eternity together. One Sunday morning, a 15-year-old young lady, who had moved away several years before, surprised us by coming to church while visiting her dad in São Paulo. She grew up in our church and, as a little girl, was like a cousin to our kids. What a joy it was to hear her recite the Romans Road and other verses she had memorized in Amy’s Sunday school class as a little girl.

One Sunday evening, two young teen girls, Duda and Cecilia, visited. They didn’t know that this was the church where their late mom had come to know the Saviour. They did not know that she came to most of our services when we started the second church near Taboão da Serra. They did not remember our taking care of them in the nursery as babies. Now, they are born again by God’s amazing grace; God did not forget them.

Amy and Anita walked in the rain to a lady’s home for discipleship and gathered a group of 10 adults and children, who listened intently to the good news of the Gospel. Several trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour! That Sunday, one of the boys, who had unashamedly received the gift of eternal life asked his dad to drive him to church, along with his brother and friends. These kids are all very attentive in Sunday school and enjoy memorizing their Bible verses.

We had never stopped praying for Vagner over the past 15 years. One Sunday morning, he walked into church—it was a miracle! He said he came to hear strong preaching from his Pastor Juan. He also wanted to thank me for leading him to the Lord years before. He has asked for more Bible study materials, and he is eager to continue growing in the Lord.

In December, we thank the Lord for a very special Christmas with both of our church families and then on Monday with our family at home. The kids anticipated our traditions of a decorated table for Christmas brunch, gifts, playing games outside, an afternoon BBQ, and a relaxing evening as a family—simple, yet VERY SPECIAL memories were made.

I was out knocking on doors, and a man with a very angered face answered. I explained I was not there to bother him; rather, I was there to tell him how he could go to Heaven. His demeanor changed, as he responded that he should listen because it was important for him. He argued that he could not trust in any church. I helped him understand that Jesus came to save him. I told him, “You can use your argument, or you can make the difference with Jesus in your life.” He decided to trust in Jesus Christ as his Saviour!

Everaldo has been faithful to church for several months. While visiting his dad, I asked if I could explain the Gospel to him. Although religious, his dad did not understand salvation was by grace through faith in God alone. He came to know this grace! Everaldo has been faithful to our Bible institute classes as well.

I talked with Daniele and her mom Rita while out visiting. People, unfortunately, always say they do not have assurance of salvation, as they are depending on their own righteousness, faithfulness, and good works. I explained that God’s will was for them to know they had eternal life (I John 5:13), and they gladly accepted the free gift of salvation.

Thank you again for your prayers for us in this dark corner of the world. The Devil has infiltrated the churches and is spreading a false doctrine, which so many have been deceived by. Please continue to pray for good health, safety, and wisdom. Please pray for souls to be saved!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family