Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: Urgent Need!URGENT NEED:

We would like to share with you all an urgent need we have. As we all know, reaching people with the message of the Gospel of Christ should be our all-consuming desire. We currently have a young couple in our church who are our Bible college graduates in Mexico. They have a love for souls and have already started picking up as many people as they can each Sunday to bring them to the house of God. We are in desperate need of a good, used van.

The Lord has allowed us to make contact with a pastor up in Indiana who is selling a 15-passenger van for $7,500. It would also cost us about $1,500 more to get the van legalized and into the country. If we could get this van into the country, we would be able to use it right away for a van route, as well as for all the other ministries here. We have $3,600 saved up for this need.

Would you please consider asking the Lord what you might be able to do to help us? As soon as the van arrives here in Zacatecas, we will put it to work picking up souls for the house of God. In short, we already have a couple who are eager and willing to start a van route. We have found the perfect van that runs well and is reasonably priced. We have asked the owner of the van to please give us two weeks to get the finances together.

Now, we are only in need of . . .

1. About $5,400 to purchase the 15-passenger van.
2. One brave soul to drive the vehicle down from Indiana to the southern tip of Texas.

Please at least pray and ask the Lord if He would have you help with this need. Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf, and may God continue to allow us to reach souls for His glory here in Mexico.

If by chance, we receive more than the $5,400, we will place the money in a dedicated fund to be used for vehicle maintenance for the ministries here on the mission field.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan & Laura Bryan