Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: Hitting the Ground Running!OUR PRAISES

Over the last few months, visiting our supporting churches has been an incredible encouragement to our family. It was like a shot in the arm. By the end of our furlough, though, we really couldn’t wait to get back to Mexico and to the people we’ve dedicated our lives to reaching. We want to thank each one of you for your unbelievable kindness to us during our time out of Mexico.

Upon arrival back in Zacatecas, we hit the ground running. I got an opportunity to preach at our Youth Conference. We’ve had a Men’s Meeting, a Ladies’ Meeting, and a Baby Dedication. Here is a photo of Chuy and Karen dedicating their baby boy to the Lord. I shared with them that the dedication of a child is also a pledge by the parents to raise their child in the house of God and in the Word of God. They have been very faithful to God’s house since our return. Our greatest joy comes from knowing that someone in our church reached this couple during our time in the United States. Our fruit are now yielding their own fruit, which is truly exciting!


Our focus currently is to help our newest church establish a strong foundation for growth. Truth be told, much prayer and door knocking is required in this town. Nevertheless, there is a new brother, Arturo, who has been attending the services. He arrives at church on his motorcycle, with his little dog named China perched in front. It is quite a sight, but he is very faithful. Attached is a picture of Brother Arturo as well. Please keep him in your prayers, and pray for more souls to be reached in the town of Calera.

Lastly, I feel led to start a radio broadcast to further God’s Word and the message of salvation. Please pray for the necessary wisdom and finances to press forward in this project. Thanks to Bethel Baptist Church in Linton, Indiana, we may have a possible opportunity to establish our own small and inexpensive broadcasting system here in Zacatecas.


• Pray for the growth of the 4 new families that have begun attending our church in Guadalupe.
• Please pray specifically for souls to be saved and lives to be transformed in Calera.
• Finally, please pray for the 21 children in the homes. We don’t desire just to take care of them physically, but we want them to grow close to the Lord as well.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan, Laura, and Wyatt Bryan