James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: Taking Trips with a PurposeIn April, I will be finishing 27 years of being in missionary evangelism. During these 27 years, most of my trips overseas could be grouped into three categories.


Many of my trips, especially at the start of my ministry, have been primarily evangelistic in nature. A good example of a recent trip in this category was my trip to Guatemala in 2022, where the missionary and I preached to over 500 military personnel on 4 different bases, including a base that is known as the West Point of the Guatemalan military.

Preaching and Training

These trips are primarily for the purpose of training the leaders. In recent years, most of my meetings overseas have been in this category. The soul-winning and leadership meetings in Nigeria and teaching in the Bible seminary in Argentina are examples of this type of meeting. God has given me this opportunity to influence preachers and Bible students in other countries, and it is a great honor.

Visiting Missionaries

In my capacity as a field service coordinator for FBMI, I try to visit the FBMI missionaries who reside in the Western Hemisphere. I want to encourage them, let them know they are loved, and get a firsthand look at their ministries. I always enjoy these trips because it gives me a chance to fellowship with the missionaries, meet and interact with the entire family, and visit their churches. A good example of this type of trip is one from which Linda and I just returned. In February, we went to Jamaica to be with Missionary Oral Anderson, his wife Alicia, and their four children. I had the privilege to preach in their midweek service and then speak to the couples at a couples’ dinner. We spent much time with this missionary family. Thank God for this family that has faithfully served in Jamaica for ten years.

Regardless of the type of trip I take, evangelizing the lost is always a part of the trip, as well as a part of my time here in the States. Sometimes God gives opportunities on the plane. I was approaching my designated aisle seat when I noticed someone was already sitting in it. Upon discussing with the person what we should do, since his seat was across the aisle and was also an aisle seat, I just took his seat. It happened that I was sitting next to a lady. In conversing with Madelen, I found she was very open to the Gospel. After carefully sharing the Gospel with her, and after she prayed to be saved, she made this statement: “God worked it out that you were sitting here instead of the other man.” She was aware of the fact I was not supposed to be in the seat next to her and then recognized it was God who had changed our seats.

I try to visit the adults who come to the French class I teach through an interpreter. Recently, I was following up on a man who had visited the class, but he was not living at the address I had on the visitor’s card. William Jean-Baptist, the man who answered the door, had just arrived from Florida and was only visiting in the area for a couple of weeks. What a joy it was to share with him that it was no accident that he was visiting the area but that God had him here so he could hear the good news of salvation. William Jean-Baptist got saved that day, to God’s glory.

Please pray for me. I have seven trips scheduled, with the possibility of another three. Pray for my health, God’s power, God’s love, and God’s wisdom to help preachers and missionaries. I need your PRAYERS!

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle