Gregg and Angela Schoof Prayer Letter: Helping and PreparingWe are back on lockdown! Aggh! But actually, this one is worse than last time, and there really are people dying from COVID this time. It is sad, and we do pray for those people. I also had COVID a long time ago. I ate raw garlic several times a day to help me breathe, and I recovered. I hope that helps someone.

At least I can still get things done. I have been busy getting computers set up. First, I built two computers for Angela and me to replace the ones I built in 2010. Then I have been working on getting five old 2009 iMacs running well so I can be ready once we start a radio station.

For the techs, I upgraded Leopard to Snow Leopard and then to El Capitan, which I downloaded from Apple. Then with Terminal, I created a bootable USB so I could install El Capitan on a new 2TB SSD I installed. Has anyone ever opened up an iMac? The first tool I used was a toilet plunger to pull off the screen. Hmmm, makes you think. I also downloaded upgrades for MegaSeg, Sound Studio, and Media Rage. I had to order iWork 2009 from Amazon because the computers are too old for the latest version. And we put in an application for a radio frequency.

I am also helping three different churches that have new pastors:

1. My church plans have been submitted to an architect to make official blueprints.
2. I am working on installing soundproofing. The new pastor preaches well, but his voice is getting lost in a bad echo. How can people respond to sermons they can’t hear?
3. I am working with another new pastor to help his services go more smoothly. We are working on the basic schedule at this point: songs, opening greetings, visitor recognition, special music, announcements, handshaking, Bible verse, offering time, and so on. He has too much dead space, which is killing the spirit of the service.

I also rejoice over Derrick who trusted Christ. I was at a restaurant enjoying a nice sharwama (a type of sandwich) when I was able to witness to one of the workers. After explaining everything, I said something unusual for me. I said for him to go home and think about it all and then get on his knees tonight. Then he said something great, “Well, can’t I do that right now?” He prayed right then to ask Jesus to save him.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof