Zach Sr. and Karin Foust Prayer Letter: Meeting at Our Church Location Again!Since our last letter, much has happened here in Peru. One of the biggest blessings is that churches are now allowed to meet at 30- or 40-percent capacity (depending on the current level of COVID-19 risk). This means that we can meet at our church location again! We are happy about this but have been faced with the reality that our current location is much too small to accommodate the growth of the church. We are looking at a property a few blocks from our church that is about 450 square meters and is reasonably priced. Please pray with us about this property! This option is in a great location and is a great size for our church, but we must get through some legal issues to get it rezoned.

We celebrated Father’s Day a week early because the government has called for a total lockdown on the actual holiday. Our church families got busy inviting neighbors and friends, and we had 20 adult visitors who accepted Christ as their Saviour on that day! We also had a wonderful day together as a church family at a nearby soccer field, where we held our annual soccer championship for the men and a volleyball tournament for the ladies. The kids just ran around and had a great time together. It was such a blessing to have this get-together after the long COVID quarantine. We ate a delicious pork-chop dinner also. We have a lot of new contacts from that day. Please pray as we work with these new families. In the last month, nearly 70 people have made professions of faith in San Gabriel.

Speaking of new families, we have dedicated six babies to the Lord in the last month! We are loving all the new little ones and are doing some renovations to our little nursery to accommodate all of them! Please pray as we continue to disciple these young families; we know it is a great responsibility.

Many have asked about the political issues here in Peru. Well, we are still waiting to hear who won the presidency. The two candidates in the runoff were a Communist and a lady who was in jail on corruption and theft charges! Our choices were not particularly good to begin with! Right now, we are just waiting to hear who won; the margin of difference in the number of votes was less than one percent. The loser (the lady) is claiming voter fraud, of course, so we are waiting to see what happens. In the meantime, the Peruvian sol continues to fall . . . and public confidence with it.

The institute is going well this semester! We have several new students who are doing well and several who will be graduating this year! What a blessing it is to have a part in the training of God’s servants.

We will be joining Pastor Mark Rader as he leads a trip to the jungle city of Nauta next week with a church from North Carolina.
This trip will include giving health training and supplies, water-disinfection systems, and visiting and soul winning in many villages. Around 70 pastors plan to attend. Please pray for this trip; pray that all will go smoothly and that God will be glorified in all that is done. Many of our own church members and members from Pastor Mark’s church will be helping on the trip as well. Please pray for their spiritual growth and their safety.
Our family is doing well! Zach and Cassandra are enjoying their first month of deputation, and the Lord is providing for them. Please consider having them to your church if you have not already booked them! They would be a worthy investment for sure. Caleb is working this summer and serving on his bus route in Chicago, and Logan is doing well here at home. As always, we appreciate your prayers for our family.

May God contin

ue to bless you,

Zach and Karin Foust