Eddie and Misty Wilson Prayer Letter: FeedbackWe are thrilled with all that is going on with CMI this quarter. With so many moving parts to CMI, so much has been accomplished in just a couple of months.


What a great happening! Today when I went home for lunch, there was a knock at my gate. The man was named Rudolph. He explained to me that he had just been released from two years in prison. While in prison, he had seen our program on TV, so upon release, he went looking for our church. In the process, he recognized me driving my car and tracked me to my house. I was able to give him a clear presentation of the Gospel and help him get back to his home village. I appreciate all who have supported our TV ministry!


Peru – Aired First Five Episodes: A team went to the newly constructed studio in Colombia and recorded the first 20 episodes. Since then, they have aired the first 5 episodes in Peru, covering 90% of the country.

First Report from Peru: The show aired for the third time (first showing of the second episode) this morning. We are giving out food packets in the church, and one of our teenage guys came up and told me that his unsaved dad had just sent him a message saying that the whole family was watching us on TV. This week we’ve had several people tell us that they saw it. Thanks for the investment.


Phillip and one other gentleman visited the church from the TV ministry. He will be baptized on Sunday. Phillip is now going through discipleship training in Nigeria. Please pray for the work and TV broadcasts in Nigeria.

Mrs. Monsura requested a visit after a Grace for Change episode. Her three children trusted Christ too.


This is a picture of the dorm in India that is being built. We have paid in full for a room in the building to be our new recording studio. Pastor Ninan also just finished a Pastors’ Conference, with over 200 preachers in attendance. The existing India broadcast reaches more than 800,000 people with the Gospel.


We did a survey trip to Mexico in July. We are so looking forward to building a TV studio with Pastor Sam Robles in Guadalajara, Mexico. He is an awesome young missionary who is doing great things in his city, region, and country.

We are so grateful for amazing partners in the ministry!!! Thank you so much for your support.

In Christ,

Eddie Wilson
Christian Media International