Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  The “Be Cool” UpdateWe praise God for His safety and His hand of blessing during our travels this summer. There was a time out soul winning when a man warned that he would shoot first, then ask questions later. Nevertheless, we were able to get the Gospel literature into his hand and move on without incident. We continued to knock doors in that area, and God led us to a woman who indeed was searching for eternal life, which she learned by believing Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour.

This summer we also had the privilege of attending our Candidate School through FBMI. While there, we received invaluable training and fellowship with the staff and other missionary families. God allowed my wife to have some very special opportunities to share the Gospel with different Arab families. My wife placed an Arabic Gospel booklet in her bag, praying she would be able to share it with someone. God not only gave her one but several amazing opportunities for the Gospel. She shared the Gospel with 2 Palestinian ladies at a park during our FBMI family cookout. Then she met a Jordanian lady when our family was treated to a special day at the Chicago Zoo, and she was able to give the Arabic Gospel booklet to her. Finally, there was a very touching moment with another Palestinian lady she met at Walmart. Holly noticed the lady near a very busy section of the store. After Holly greeted her, the woman asked her if she was a Muslim. This gave Holly the unique opportunity to explain why she was a Christian and how God loved this lady. It was amazing how this Palestinian woman opened up to my wife. She asked my wife to pray for her brother’s family because of a serious medical condition with his unborn child. Holly then took her hand, and right there, with many people walking by, prayed aloud for this woman and her family. Through her prayer, she spoke of the love of God and the way of salvation through Jesus Christ by quoting God’s Word. While Holly was still praying, this woman broke down in tears and was weeping in font of everyone. When she had finished praying, this Palestinian woman hugged my wife’s neck, thanked her, and then left to meet her ride. To God be the glory for the Gospel seed that was planted in their hearts!

We praise God for our deputation ministry and are thrilled for every chance we have to share the Gospel and be an encouragement to the people we meet. God has used us in many ways to share His Word. God privileged me to lead 2 men to the Lord whom we had invited to a church in the area we were visiting for a meeting. God also used us to share salvation with those at a Filipino gathering, and 3 young people were led to the Lord.

We are eagerly anticipating God’s leading. We are currently at 51% of our target support level and are prayerfully seeking to reach 100% by January 2017. Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. We are honored to be your co-laborers in the Lord’s harvest. Praise the Lord!

In Christ’s service,

Dennis and Holly Lagos

“Be cool; pray for Bicol.”