Dave Whitmore Prayer Letter:  Returning to the Field!“The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22)

With grateful hearts our family is preparing to return to Brazil on Thursday, March 13! Praise the LORD for providing the money for our return flights and renewed passports for all our children! THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed with us about the WORK our God has for us to continue. We praise the LORD for His taking us there in 2004 and for the ways He has worked in and through our lives since then.

As we prepare for new works in new places, we know that He has great things in store for our family and for those He will bring across our paths. When we return, we will be living in Cajuru, SP, and serving with Pastor Marcos Pereira. Around May/June 2015, we will be moving to Taubate, SP, to join second-generation missionary Ed Johnson and Team Brazil in laying the foundation for the first church.

Praise the LORD for ice and snow! On Tuesday, January 28, while in Douglasville, Georgia, to say “THANK YOU” and give an update to the people of Kingsway Baptist Church, I went with Darwin Hill to the Atlantic City Baptist Rescue Mission, where he serves as assistant director under Paul Johnson. About 2:45 he told me that we were leaving early because of all the snow. A 45-minute drive to his home turned into nearly a 9-hour unforgettable experience. At one point while two men and I were trying to get Darwin’s truck back on the road, we looked up to see a car sliding on the ice to the exact location where we were. Within seconds of jumping over the guardrail, the car slammed into the truck. Praise the LORD that no one was hurt!

Praise the LORD for locked doors! While in Memphis, Tennessee, with Pastor Jack Backman, both sets of keys were inside our locked van. After the young man with AAA unlocked the door, I asked him about his salvation. He said he was saved but then bared his hurting heart. Thank you God for divine appointments along the road of life that often appear as problems!

Praise the LORD for totaled cars! While we have been in the United States, our ’95 Mazda MPV was totaled because of flooding. Because of insurance we have US$4,500.00 toward another vehicle.

Please pray with us about the following:
1. Kelley and David as they finish their second year at Hyles-Anderson College and as they anticipate graduating in May 2016
2. Team Brazil World Cup Trip on June 16 – 27, 2014: Several young people will be experiencing life in Brazil while working to get the Gospel to thousands of people at the games and in local neighborhoods.
3. Purchase of a used car: We will need another US$5,000 – $7,000 to purchase another dependable used vehicle.
4. Liberty to share the Gospel: Both new areas need JESUS where we must speak the TRUTH in love.

Please note our new address in Brazil:

Rua Colombo Rugeri nº 42, bairro Cruzeiro, Cajuru, São Paulo, Brazil 14240-000

For the PEOPLE of Brazil,

Bro. Dave Whitmore