June/July 2013

Dear Supporting Friends,

A Busy Summer
It’s been a beautiful summer with many warm days. We don’t always get this in England, so it is greatly appreciated when it happens. This has given us more opportunities to give out the Gospel, and the nice days have encouraged many to visit our church on Sundays! So far this year, 59 souls have trusted Christ for Heaven, and 74 first-time visitors have attended our services!

Getting Members Involved

The new brochures were ready for mid-July. The members got excited, and already our city map is getting colored in. We have had some calls enquiring about the church, and our website is getting busy. This can only mean more visitors; we have already seen an increase in our summer attendance! Please be in prayer that this campaign leads to the salvation of many.

A Church Building Makes the Difference

We can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference it is to have the use of a church building. For over 13 years, we would set up and take down the church, taking out chairs and putting them away. Now we walk in the 101-year-old church with Bibles in hand to enjoy services! Praise God! It’s also very cultural for the people to meet in a building that looks like a church. Thanks for all the prayers and financial support to help us be in a place where God can use us to reach into this culture. In November it will be 17 years since we first arrived in Britain. It feels like we have just begun. Thanks for your help, prayer, and patience. Missionary work takes years, especially in England.

Solt Family News

Right now we are gearing up for Holiday Bible Club (Vacation Bible School). The boys are busy at work with my wife displaying their talents in youth work. It’s a joy to have our family serving with us in the ministry. What a blessing it is!

We have recently seen our support recover and really appreciate your vote of confidence. We are still after souls as we always have been. In fact, I personally believe that we will see great days ahead. We now meet in a building that has the potential of seating over 200 people comfortably. We have a great opportunity for soul winning and straight Bible preaching. You are a part of this future through your prayers and faithful support. God bless you!

Yours for souls,

Field Address:
Lane End Farm
Thistleton Road
Thistleton PR4 3XA
United Kingdom
The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy