Daniel Kokubun Prayer Letter:  First Mission TripEl Niño brought us the hottest summer that we’ve experienced thus far in Peru, and we eagerly await cooler days. Changing of the seasons and times makes me extremely grateful for our God Who never changes but stays constant throughout eternity.

This summer we challenged the teenagers to double the soul-winning attendance and to be more faithful than ever before in the church activities. We offered to take the winners on a mission trip to a town about three hours south of Lima called Ica. We planned several fun activities for them, such as sandboarding and visiting an oasis, but the main purpose of the trip was what we constantly try to keep the main thing: soul winning. On their trip the Lord allowed them to win 74 people to Christ! The following Saturday during our teen outreach time, our youth group saw 21 people saved. I know Daniel smiles from Heaven to see the kids reaching our world with the Gospel.

Our church continues to grow, both numerically and spiritually. The Lord gave us 247 in attendance just this past Sunday morning. We stand amazed at everything God is doing here. On Friday nights our preacher, Dan Hubbard, has started classes to better disciple our people. Each week he focuses on a different group of members: married couples, leaders, men, and teachers. God has blessed his efforts, and each week we have a great turnout of disciples and future workers for Christ´s kingdom.

I would covet your prayers for our teens who are returning to school and college soon. Pray they would not succumb to temp-tation and instead stand strong for Christ on a daily basis. Please pray for our church, that God
would give us more building space for the incredible growth we’ve seen, as well as leaders to disciple the people God continues to send us. I also appreciate your prayers for me on a personal level as I continue to adjust to life without Dan. Continuing in the ministry without my coworker and teammate, not to mention at home without my husband, is a difficult and daily battle.

Gratefully serving Him,

Heather Kokubun