Daniel and Rachel Solt Prayer Letter: Departure Goal Set!What an exciting month May has been! On May 7, we met with our mission board director, Dr. Mark Bosje, and our field service coordinator, Jeremy Snipes, to discuss our transition to the field. We have decided that the second week of January 2025 is our projected date of departure! As our support continues to increase, we are hoping to purchase tickets by the end of the summer. Final plans are now being made as we move forward to complete deputation and smoothly move to the field. These are exciting times! God be praised! Thank you for your continued prayers.

We started off the month celebrating the graduation of my youngest brother Jeremy from Hyles-Anderson College. While in that region, we were blessed to be with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Romeoville, Illinois, for their Sunday service. Moving south, we had the privilege to be in Waverly, Ohio, to be part of Waverly Baptist Temple’s Missions Conference. They put on a fantastic conference, and we had plenty of time to get to know some new friends.

Our next stop was a Camp Meeting at Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas. What a refreshing time it was, with great preaching from Pastor Randy Dignan and our sending pastor, Dr. John Wilkerson! We are certainly going to treasure this time. Turning east, we traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee, to be with Pastor Greene and Knoxville Baptist Tabernacle for their Picnic Sunday. Amid multiple thunderstorms, God kept the weather clear for the setup, meal, and takedown of the picnic. What a blessing!

Our month concluded with New Life Baptist Church in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Yet again, we were shown great hospitality. It was an honor to speak to them during their Wednesday service and then to fellowship afterwards. Also, getting to know the Baxter family was extra special!


Throughout the month of May, we had the opportunity to witness to four souls. I met CeeCee while knocking on apartments with another missionary. She had recently moved from Los Angeles and was out of church. After inviting her to church, I found she did not have a testimony of salvation. I shared the Gospel with her, and although she agreed she needed Christ’s salvation, she was not yet ready to accept it. She showed continued interest in church and wanted her own Bible. We passed on her information. Pray that she will get saved!


We received some good news from the British government regarding Ruby’s citizenship, and we are now progressing in getting her a passport. Praise Jesus! Rachel’s visa will need to be submitted in the upcoming months, and we are already in discussions with our immigration lawyer about that. Our support is hovering at 79%, with more churches adding us to their missions families. Thank you so much for your “communication” in prayer and support! We are praying for you as you enter the busy summer with camps, Vacation Bible Schools, conferences, outings, etc. What a time it is to serve Jesus!


  1. Opportunities to present the Gospel
  2. Safety as we travel through Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky
  3. Rachel’s visa application
  4. Ruby’s British passport’s prompt arrival


“Have some ice cream, Daddy?” Ruby’s new favorite thing to eat is ice cream! She loves to receive ice cream as a prize for being a good girl after a busy day. She loves to hold the cones, especially mini-drumsticks, but refuses to eat the chocolate cones. Oh well, Daddy can help!

May our lives glorify Him,

Daniel, Rachel, and Ruby Solt