Daniel and Rachel Solt Prayer Letter: Holiday Bible Club in EnglandWe are praising the Lord for a joyful July! This past month was extremely busy, and we are so thankful to our Lord for His guidance, strength, and provision! Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and support. We rejoice to share with you that seven more churches have voted to take us on for support! God is good!

For the 4th of July weekend, we were able to be in two churches in Kentucky and Indiana. A few weeks prior to that weekend, we did not have any meetings booked; however, God’s timing is the best timing! A couple of days later, we boarded a plane to Los Angeles, where we were thrilled to be in three wonderful churches in that region over a five-day stretch. During Saturday outreach in Los Angeles, I met Gisela, who immediately responded to my question regarding her eternal destination with, “Yes, I am sure that I am going to Heaven.” However, as the conversation developed, I found that she did not understand that being born again is a one-time event. After hearing the Gospel, she responded with, “I am good with what I am doing.” Please pray for her.

Returning to the Midwest, we traveled out to Iowa for an incredible Missions Conference! Pastor Brown and Marion Avenue Baptist Church were so kind to us, and we are beyond grateful! After time spent there, we drove back to Hammond, Indiana, to attend Missions Week, which involved three days of training sessions provided by our mission board (FBMI). What an encouraging and strengthening time that was! During that week, Rachel was packing our eight bags for our flight to England. I am so thankful for her spirit of hard work. I have been blessed!

Soul Report from England

We arrived in England on the 22nd and immediately entered a whirlpool of activity. The next day being Sunday, my father gave me the honor of preaching the evening service. It has been almost two years since we were last at the church in Preston, and it was amazing to meet so many new families that have joined the church since that time. The church is very multi-cultural, with over 10 cultures now represented. Praise the Lord!

The next week was Holiday Bible Club (VBS)! The Lord gave us a miraculous week, with 48 children registered, over 30 in attendance during each day, and 14 children saved! I was given the privilege of teaching the sessions for ages 6-12, and the attentiveness of these children was amazing. The lessons were focused on having faith in our Creator. I kept getting questions like, “Did Adam and Eve go to Heaven?” “Why did people live long lives before the flood?” There is a hunger here in the next generation for truth, and we have the answer in God’s Word! Praise the Lord! Many of you prayed for this week, and I wholeheartedly believe God answered your prayers!

Ruby’s Adventures

This month Ruby was able to get to know her Gampa and Nana, along with the dog and kitty. Morning time in England, Ruby would run to the front door and shout, “Nana!! Walk!” anxious to go out and explore the village my parents live in. Her personality is really starting to show!

Thank you for serving the Lord in your corner of the world and for going beyond to reach the people of England!

May our lives glorify Him,

Daniel, Rachel, and Ruby Solt