Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: He's Always Faithful to Bring Us to Shore“And the rest, some on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship. And so it came to pass,
that they escaped all safe to land.”
(Acts 27:44)

We love to read of the miraculous deliverance of Paul and company when their ship ran aground on Melita’s rocky coast. Serving God, events overcome our resources; we pray, and He works. When it seems we’re on “broken pieces,” He’s faithful to bring us to the shore. How meaningful such occasions are to us all.

By His grace…

• Lana and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary in December. What a treasure she is! Here’s a vacation photo. Some have asked if the poles were for skiing! Nope, for hiking! Our family loves Colorado’s high country.
• He’s provided seventeen great students for my medical class at Hyles-Anderson College. It’s super to witness their zeal to learn, growing maturity, faithfulness, and enthusiasm. And it’s inspirational to consider their potential.
• He’s also opened the door to teach the missions class for the Spanish night Bible institute. Nine students are enrolled. Since I haven’t taught this institute class before, it’s an opportunity to prayerfully develop everything needed.
• He granted the privilege to host Bro. Stevens, a veteran missionary to the Roma (Gypsy) people, during our Missions Conference. Five days were invested providing transportation and whatever was needed, as he preached for three conference services and also at our new church plant in Northern Chicago and the church’s school chapels. His testimony was so meaningful to me, as the Lord reached both of us as adults.
• He continues to bless soul-winning visitation. Most recently, on a very cold day, we were knocking doors in Hammond, and a young man answered the door dressed in basketball shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. I kept expecting him to close the conversation—and the door, but he intently heard and understood the Gospel message before praying to receive Christ as his Saviour. We’d asked God to lead us, and He did.

Please pray for these concerns:

• For our health, as we’re encountering more “health challenges”
• For His direction as we balance responsibilities and prioritize the work to be done
• For wisdom as we continue to deal with missionary questions and situations

With love and prayers from our home to yours,

Dan and Lana Siemer

FBMI Missionary Dan Siemer Prayer Letter Picture

Celebrating our 48th anniversary hiking in Colorado’s high country!