Corey and Elizabeth McDonald Prayer Letter: Two-Year AnniversaryAs we prepare to return to the States for a short visit, we have many things to put in order. One of these things is our visa. We had a two-month delay getting some of our needed paperwork, which has now added stress to a difficult process. All our paperwork is submitted, as we wait on Immigration. Please join us in praying that this will not hinder our leaving and that everything will be situated for when we are scheduled to depart.
We have been very blessed with God allowing us to have our travel schedule set for our trip to the States. It was amazing to see how God opened doors to a few new churches and to many of our current supporters. I will just say that the schedule we have is not what I expected when I was planning the trip. A new church contacted us, requesting us to be at their Missions Conference. Praise the Lord! We needed a vehicle for our time in the States, and God opened the door for us to have a vehicle that fits our entire family for an extremely reduced price.

As we continue our regular ministry work, God is constantly showing us new ways to serve Him. Brenda, one of our newest members, has been a blessed addition to our church since Easter. She has made snacks, played football on Youth Day, sung special music, and brought friends to church. One of those friends is Anne. Pastor David and I had the pleasure of visiting Anne at her house recently. She does not live very close to the church, so it can be difficult for her to come regularly. If we had a church van, we could pick her and many others up. During our visit, we were able to give the Gospel to Anne and her 23-year-old son. Anne was already saved, but her son accepted Christ that day. Please join us in praying for him as we encourage him to do Bible study and grow in the Lord. I felt for him, as he seemed like he had no hope when we met him.

On August 14, we celebrated the second anniversary of Calvary Baptist Church of Ruaka. As a church, we have gone through many ups and downs. We started the church with only 3 people the first Sunday. We have had as many as 65 in our services, have seen scores come to know Christ, and have had many of those start discipleship. I was very encouraged with the participation of the church the day of our celebration. Many invited friends, ladies helped decorate, men provided the soda for our celebration meal, Bro. Eric took photos, and Pastor David led a man to Christ. A lot of preparation went into the service, and as we arrived home afterward, my wife and I rejoiced together in how God had blessed us with a great day.

Kenya is known as the economic hub of East Africa. With that being said, they are also known for rioting and unrest after elections. For the last five elections, the same man has challenged to be president, and for all five elections, he has lost. Each time he loses, he claims to have been cheated; and his supporters, about 45 percent of the electorate, riot and loot. We just had the latest election, and we had the same result. The election was held on August 9. It took one week for the results to be announced. Now I am certain that he will challenge the results in court, just as he has done after the previous elections. This will drag on for another three weeks. Please join us in praying for peace for the country. In some areas even now, more than a week after the election, 90 percent of the small businesses are closed, and people are staying home because of fear.

Corey McDonald