Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  TransformationsWe hosted a Ladies’ Conference at the beginning of June. Our speakers were Mrs. Gomez from First Baptist Church and Mrs. Ashcraft from Monterrey, Mexico. They were both great blessings to our ladies. The theme of the conference was “Transforming Into His Image.” We had over 175 ladies registered, including several pastors’ wives.

A group from a church in Puente Piedra, a city at the north end of Lima, rented a combi for the trip. Susana, the hired driver of the combi, brought her children with her since it was an all-day event. On Friday night, they stayed outside, waiting for the service to finish. On Saturday, she decided to come inside with her twin girls and two younger boys. Susana sat in the back throughout the day and listened intently. Irene was able to lead her to the Lord after the evening service. Her 12-year-old twins also trusted Christ that night. It was a great end to the conference, during which many life-changing decisions were made by the ladies.

The entire Peru team had a two-day retreat in Lunahuana, a town a little over two hours south of Lima. It was a time to regroup, set goals, and discuss our vision for the future. We stayed in a hotel right beside a river. During the retreat, we took a white-water rafting trip on the river. It was a wild ride but also a lot of fun. When everyone is completely wet from head to toe, you know it was good! The plans the team is working on for the future are no less fun!

Bro. Foust went on a one-month furlough. While he was gone, we worked on remodeling the auditorium of his church. This included building a new platform, commissioning the construction of a new pulpit, adding nice chairs, adding panels to close off some windows and open spaces to cut down on noise, and rearranging the layout. Bro. Foust knew about the changes before he left, but we kept the pulpit a secret. When he returned, we were able to surprise him with the remodel and his new pulpit. He loves the changes, and so do the people. They had a great time helping with the work.

At the end of July, we had a special day called “Jungle, Coast, and Mountain.” These are the three main regions we have in Peru, and each one has a different style of food. We had a huge afternoon lunch with food from each of the three regions. Our people were split into the three groups and then competed to see who would have the best food and the most visitors. We had a lot of good food, but most importantly, we had many visitors. Nine of them trusted Christ as their Saviour that day!

In His service,

Chris and Irene Williams